msa November 18, 2016

By Islam Arakani | RVision TV News

Sittwe (Akyab) – The Burmese government’s suspicious activities including the ban on reading Friday Sermons in Mosques in Sittwe today are triggering panic among the Rohingya community in the township, a reliable source reports.

The Burmese army and the police are currently seizing smart phones, computers and other electronic gadgets from the Rohingyas not only in the villagers but also in IDP (Internally displaced people) camps in Sittwe.

Going by some latest reports, the armed forces are likely to conduct raids on the Rohingya homes in the villages and the IDP camps to dispossess the people from having any electronic gadgets, sticks and knives (including kitchen knives) in their hands.

What seems to be panicking the people more in the region is the sudden withdrawal of the international and national staffs of the INGOs from the IDP camps. Adding to the fear is the closures of the schools.

“The NGO staffs were helping the people in the camps. But they all left upon a sudden call seemingly from their higher authority. They are seizing phones and computers. Schools too are closed now. We are really afraid now”, said an internally displaced person at Bodupha.

Looking at the ongoing government’s suspicious activities, it can be sensed that the Burmese armed forces are attempting to spread terror against the Rohingya in Sittwe after Maungdaw.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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