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Government Authorities with puppet’s misinformation Increased Persecution

Renovation Ceased in Masjid of Fetabo Village, Buthidaung (L) and Demolished Madarasa of Kuwansibong village,Muangdaw (R). Image by: RVISION TV

Government Authorities with puppet’s misinformation Increased Persecution
August 24
17:35 2016

Government authorities have destroyed parts a Religious school (Madarasa) in Maungdaw, sealed another Madarasa and ceased a renovation process of a Masjid in Buthidaung, due to puppets misinformation, complains a local.


Arakan: Religious institutions have been targeted by government authorities either to demolish or to seal by using the puppets they have raised in every villages.

Recently some areas of a Religious school in kuansibong village of Northern Maungdaw have been demolished by government authorities. Due to puppet’s misinformation of illegal occupation in the Madarasa compound authorities ordered to demolish constructed parts in those areas and forcefully took signatures from Madarasa’s committee.

In another similar case in Fetabo village of Buthidaung, renovation processes of a mosque have been ceased and another Madarasa have been sealed by the authority.

Moreover in that case authorities extorted over 100 lakh kyats and in order to threaten the local innocent villagers, authorities from different departments comes to the village time to time illegally.

Demolishing religious structures and money extortion are common Genocidal tool in Arakan which are accelerating day by day due to puppet’s misinformation and fabricated cases, whom are given resistant by the government itself.

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