RVISION March 12, 2015

Analysis by MD Noor

 In our third episode analysis we are going to talk about international power and about the countries beside, which are already super powers and what they want from Arakan and Burma.

Why Myanmar important to International powers?

And what Burma wants from them?

To understand the super powers we need to know how many super powers are there in the world?

Who are ruling the world, what powers do they contain?

Which country holds economic power, which means power of foreign business & investing money on other countries, etc?

And which country or nation have the most advance military power?

Finally how do all of these affect Rohingyas and the people in Myanmar?

And most importantly what is the role of them in making our condition displaced all over, within the country and outside our motherland?

How does it affect Rohingyas?

According to Rohingya Vision analysis and other relevant studies prove that countries mainly effecting Myanmar and especially Arakan are: China, U.S.A, European countries, and south-east Asian countries.

There were many countries previously which were super powers. And it changed from decades to decades from country to country, nation to nation, which not only rule their own land but also creates a control over other territories, water bodies and terrestrial route.

Before understanding this analysis we need to know the leading super powers,which is leading the world with their action, policy & plans such as U.S.A.

If we go back to 100 to 200 years back, today’s leading superpowers were not the super powers at that time. And it’s very important for us to know how & why they became super powers and how they became as it relates our ethnic cleansing – Rohingya genocide.

For example: In 1788 China used to produce 1 lakh 88 thousand ton of steel, where at that time Britain: the super power, use to produce 1 thousand 7 hundred and 80 ton. So there’s a huge difference between the both countries .Not only in metals even in textile china was the most advanced than Britain.In agriculture china was the no.1 producer and exporter of agricultural products all over the world. They had huge ships to travel all over the world. And China is one the oldest civilization in the world. They have a written history of more than 5000-7000 years back, which proves how many kings they had, how they were & what they use to do, etc.

They followed a systemic economic policy via production and export to become the world’s leading super power forever as they possessed the largest man power, economic & trade power and of course one the largest landmass. So they were escalating with a higher speed. But tragically 1913 in 1st world war reversed their fate, where U.S.A first captured its position via military power by assisting different countries with weapons & military power. They understood that now they can influence other countries by military attack. So now the forwarding China’s

plan was destroyed & over taken by the U.S.A. Due to which till today the China have that fire of failure and still trying to become once again the leading super power of the world.

Many analyst & historical thinker think that China’s economic policy to overtake & control the world through economic policy was failed as in 1st world war military power was needed and it became a dominant power, where China was too far. So, U.S.A was successful in that. But, it did not end in wars. Now the leading super power and the forwarding super powers are in a cold war. Unfortunately many countries, nations and resources are getting demolished by becoming their weapons or medium in their self-centered struggle. It was going on, it’s going on and unfortunately it will still go on.

Now the question arises why we Rohingyas need to know about these powers & struggle, as we are one the most persecuted minority in the world?

Are we in the form any weapon or medium in this struggle?

Why do we need to think about it?

The geographic location of Myanmar describes its importance as it is surrounded by the three major powers from three edge china, India & ASEAN .And moreover the base of U.S.A such as Philippine and Singapore are on the power. Its geographic location is like a hot zone to every country & needed too. Now in the race to conquer land, there are some important states in Myanmar, which is must needed by the powers. So, fortunately or unfortunately Arakan is one of them.

Now we Rohingyas need to understand why these powers need Myanmar?

Why Myanmar needs these powers?

 It has to be understood why we are in this state today?

What has to be done?

At first we look towards China, how China has kept influencing Myanmar politically, economically, cultural wise and traditionally as well. And most importantly with geopolitical as they both share a huge border, where they have security, business & many minority groups issue along the border. Due to these firstly China needs Myanmar, moreover Myanmar’s cheap labor price has kept attracting them.

From Myanmar’s view, it wants to stabilize itself and its dictatorship government so that it can be recognized as a developed nation to the world. China with the logo of stabilizing Myanmar utilizing Myanmar as a companion to its struggle to their superpower ranking. So it is empowering Myanmar and its military by economically and with weapons for military & also trying to influence its cultural and traditional ways in order to match ideologically. So, its preparing Myanmar for its own cause.

Even the ruling USDP party is being empowered and stabilized by China as it requires Myanmar dictatorship for selfish motive of becoming leading super power. Vise-versa Myanmar’s government is also playing along them for their aim to create a series of dictatorship to last ever. Ultimately both governments met with their own motives so are contented to work diplomatically together.

Now China’s initial step towards its aim is to conquer and rule the neighboring countries. In order to do that it’s implementing economic policy by exporting all the basic needs and necessities to Myanmar & all around the world. If we look at the FDI (Foreign Direct investment) in Myanmar, around 41% is China’s individual investment. Ultimately China invested almost in every sector of Myanmar. Such as factory, road and bridge construction, agriculture, hospital, etc.

Which all are acting like pillars all over the country in every single sector, in order to safeguard their diplomatic issues and their ultimate goal of becoming the super-power.

Next factor is about ASEAN, which is an organization of south-east Asian countries, which was founded on1967. Although geographically Myanmar is a part of it, was not included in the ASEAN. As it is a country  which is ruled by dictatorship and it violates human rights on its minorities .It’s important to understand ASEAN countries as it’s a third world, where labor cost is cheap, production of high quality products is possible at cheaper rate and finally a huge resource is available.

In 1947, although it didn’t become a democratic country nor human rights are given, still ASEAN included Myanmar, in order to strengthen economically with such a huge man power. So that it can move in hand to hand with other international powers and organizations.

Although nothing has been changed in Myanmar but ASEAN is not bothered about the plight of Rohingya, because there’s a policy in its charter. According to article 50 – “non-interfearence policy between countries in their own internal affairs”. But, the issue of Rohingya is no more internal as people are being tortured, abused and forced to leave the county to other ASEAN countries .So now it became a regional matters. Even at this phase no country in ASEAN is concerned to talk about it. As they are more profitable with Myanmar’s resources & man power. And moreover mostly all countries in ASEAN have invested economically on Myanmar so they won’t insecure their finance by talking about Rohingya-A minority distressed group.

 The next angle is of India, which have almost all the powers as China. So both India and China are in a competition. If we look at the project of Kyauk phiyu was very important to them .They tried perceiving again and again. It’s very important to them as it shares a sea border. Ultimately they had to keep a control over this region. Furthermore it will be step towards their plan to control all the neighboring regions to become the regional power, a step towards super power. Unfortunately at the final moment Burma signed the Kyauk phiyu with China, which burned out enmity with China once again. So, it has become a continued long term enmity between the two countries. Following that India always tries to empower those minorities along the border, which are against dictatorships in Burma such as mough, etc. So that in return any profitable project on Arakan can be in favor of them rather than China.They implement there these sort of plans through proxies. Former Arakan Chief Minister was one of them. So, after finding this government abandoned his from his post by fake accusation on failure to handle the conflict between Rohingyas and Rakhines. Due to which they were able to implement military on Arakan for furthermore persecution on them with a different banner, and to destroy India’s plan on them. Even at the time of Ne Wing, he implemented many policies which rooted up Indians almost completely.

Following that China got the chance to influence by culture and tradition too, which fired up Indians more and more. So they are in a revenge mode on China as they believe and think that almost all Buddhist country, religion and culture deprived from India and their religion- Hinduism. So, they need to keep a control and influence on all around that region. If not ruling but adaption to their ideology at least. Moreover it also wants to protect its sea route such as the edge Indian & Bay of Bengal .Which became very for important for India to keep a strong diplomatic relationship with the nations around it.

Now if we look at Bangladesh its working along the Myanmar in order to safeguard Chittagong which was a part of Arakan as Mogh extremist wants it gain it back. Ultimately both governments are playing along for their selfish interests. Finally when all are moving forward with their own interests, we minorities are being squashed in the bowl of powers.

Next countries to look at another angle, is U.S.A and E.U. What they want for Myanmar?

Why they are focused in helping some minorities in Myanmar and neglecting others?

And what they want to achieve from Myanmar? Why U.S.A and E.U wants to implement the same influence and control as China and other struggling countries?

Is it to maintain its position as super power?

Or to dilute Chinese influence in Myanmar as China holds the potential to be the next leading super power?

Let’s look at the International powers and how it is controlled and shifted:


China is one the oldest civilization in the World. They have a history from B.C 2000 in written form, which includes their queen dynasty to Mouzia dynasty. It’s the third largest land mass in the world – 9.6 million square kilometers in area. They have variant land mass which includes forest to rivers such yellow river and Himalaya .They have 1\4th of total population in the world, which is 1300 million according to 2013 census. From last 30-40 years, according to economy it is one of the fastest economically growing territory in the world. And one of the leading power in Asia.

It’s a permanent member of U.N security council. Its current G.D.P is 16.149 trillion dollar. And it’s one of the leading manufacturer and exporter. According to I.M.F 1.3 trillion dollar they have in account as a savings. Their main interest is to clear or keep the sea route under their control. In order to export securely and efficiently.To implement the sea route plan, its investing on different countries along the sea route to build port & and with their economic policy. Its investing in almost every country to act as a base ground. According to a survey China invested 870 billion dollars around the world in the name of industry, trade, construction projects, etc. China is investing in every country for industry, port, energy sector, communication, transportation, agriculture and many other sectors, with the agreement of 20-50 years. So that both China and other country can be benefited economically. And they are always in search of new market around the globe such as countries in Africa, where they need basic commodities and energy extracting help. In 50 years they already invested in 150 countries.

They also help in peace and harmony of those countries as the money they invested can be extracted back. Their plan of over taking the world economically is getting successful day by day.To run the plan smoothly they are trying to join countries via roads. China one of the plan includes a route between Asia with Europe which includes countries like Kajagistan, Russia, Germany till China from one side. The route ends in Venice where sea route starts and ends in Hong Kong. This both project is known as the silk route. They are acting according to their plan, construction of route known as friendship road is a part of this plan which will later connect other Asia countries till Indonesia. The sea route is very important to them as for their export & import. As they have difficulties while crossing the Strait of Malacca and Singapore, which has American base. In order to make their route short they planned to use the Kyuk Phiyu port to use gas and oil so that it can be reached safely & economically cheap. For these reason they also invested in many countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh & Africa. They always try to keep the sea route open so that it can be used as alternative. They also try to create diplomatic & economic relationship with the all countries, so that they can export their products easily. In order to conquer the world economically they already invested:

  • Asia-31billion U.S$
  • West Asia-45 billion U.S$
  • S-28 billion U.S$
  • Gulf reagion-37 billion U.S$
  • Australia-34 billion U.S$
  • Western hemisphere-61.7 billion U.S$

Their ultimate objective is to conquer the world economically via sea route and reach their goal to be the Super power.


In 1770 they got independence from Britain, where they had many wars between the white and black race. With 100 years now they have reached to a level where there economic and military power is too high. Like China America from last 70 years have worked in such a way that today they became the leading super power, where they can rule the world with policy & military strength.

To remain the leading super power its working on the same business policy of China with many countries around the world. Their main strength is military strength with its 1.3 million. As they are advanced in weapons, they have 70 base troops in different countries around the world. In 156 countries they have their army base.

America invested 900 billion Dollar U.S $ on its army, where as China invested less than it in its economic sector. To remain the super power ever and not to give chances to the global power shift to other countries who are trying hard and harder. They always try to give as many obstacles they can with their military strength around the world.

With the help of 70 main bases around the world they try to control those countries, which became their obstacle. In order to implement that, they spent a lot of wealth on their military power. According to analyst the country which tries to connect with China in any huge economic or military tie, U.S.A tries to destroy them such examples can be seen in Libya, Sudan, And Afghanistan recently.

On the other side China does not try to involve with military. As they have conflicts where U.S have military bases. So to overcome these issues they go with their magic policy which is economically such as investing in factory, road and railway construction, etc. To success their aim they have another plan known as the string of pearls, which is to keep the sea route clear, so that they don’t get interrupted by U.S military. And to reach their final destination that is to be regional power & than to be the next super-power.

Ultimately in the clashes & competition of super power many nations, countries have been destroyed & vanished earlier too. Tragic true fact is that it is, it was and it will still continue go on in the coming era too. No matter what cost it has been paid or paying. Finally it’s very important for us to think our position where we are standing today, and how can we safeguard our Nation from these selfish motives.

[Translated by Arifa]

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