RVISION July 13, 2015

Analysis by MD Noor

For western countries and Europe the situation in Arakan is in favor of their interests. So it became a weapon for them to pressurize Myanmar by proving that it’s an international issue. Where every country must put their effort for this issue. Finally by doing all these they are successful in taking advantage from Myanmar so it had to kneel down due to their weakness of violating human rights.

Further if we look at the Chinese projects in Myanmar like mining, construction and industries, etc. We always notice that there are groups which demonstrate against these projects by giving false reasons such as environment pollution, spreading of diseases, deforestation, etc. According to some analyst it’s the U.S.A and European Union behind all these demonstration, by their continues support to these groups in all the ways by providing them all the required assistance and support needed to plan these demonstration. Not only in Myanmar, they have been implementing these techniques in  other countries as well for avoiding Chinese project.

Among their many trial such as Meso Dam crises, mining project, etc. The latest project which relate to Rohingyas ,the kawk phiyu project of pipe line and port where mough demonstrated heavily. So Burmese junta very cleverly diverted the attention of Mough (Rakhine) and international view by creating a state sponsored violence on Rohingya. Finally they were successful in completion of their project in 2012, while the persecution was going on.

Following that according to some analyst U.S.A and European Union planned out many conspiracy with many countries to destroy the Chinese projects. We can see such examples countries like Libya and Sudan. Which was their result of signing huge projects with China. So when these countries are in devastation along their destruction Chinese plans also get affected.

If we look at the world now unlike ancient times, it became a global village where we are connected to each other countries in many ways. Because now if one country is in any difficult situation it not only effects its own country but other countries as well. For example if Thailand is in flood rice gets scare in Arab countries. If oil export from Arab countries gets delayed European countries faces problem, etc. So by looking at all these situation it became very important for U.S.A and Europe to control the whole world as well.

In order to do this U.S.A have a policy called Global resource management where they can not only manage their own resource but global resources too. So that they do not get effected by any destructive situations. To do this they are destroying projects of China, Russia, etc, whom they consider their main enemy to remain super powers.

On the other hand China, Russia, etc have similar policies for U.S.A and E.U so that they can also become the leading super powers. As a result of their selfish destructive policies from both the sides, many countries or nations who are in their way to this struggle are paying a heavy price. So, Ultimately being a minority group- Rohingya who are also used as a weapon or way from both Burmese junta and internationally it became very important for us to understand these policies of power shift. And how this structure is made and functioned.

Now the question arises if we general public are aware of these behind policies, are Burmese junta that much ignorant to understand this game of powers?

Are they simply allowing them to utilize Burma?

OR are they not bothered about these issues?

If we look deeper in this matter we can actually understand the game of Burma. From the shallow view we can see that mainly U.S.A, E.U and Chinese prospective it’s them who are successful in playing game to serve their interests. In reality according to some analyst and RVISION analysis it’s Burma who are actually successfully in utilizing these countries for their own selfish interests. And became one of the major actor in this power shift behind the curtain.

Furthermore it’s now important to know how Burma is playing all these tricks so smoothly. Firstly Burma is successful in knowing that they are in priority in the countries that the super power needs them as a step. As they rich in resources, it’s now in demand of all these by the international powers. So they have many countries as options to utilize their resources in higher demand where their interests match. Using this as a weapon it’s now decorating itself as a beautiful bride to be on the higher demand.

As we all know Burma is still in dictatorship from many years. And it has been in many sanctions from different countries for many years. So now it’s very important for Myanmar to gain world’s attention towards it. This is where we Rohingya and many minorities are given discriminatory position by its own government in their own homeland to serve the selfish motives.

Now question is how are they doing this?

From many years back they have started this discriminatory project. Just to gain and divert global attention towards Burma they have been operating on this dreadful and painful policy on the minorities in their own ancestral land. So the persecution we minorities especially innocent Rohingyas are facing is due to this military junta’s for their own satisfactory objectives.

So in order to increase its demand it’s implementing different techniques like allowing and inviting foreign companies and many more to divert global attention towards it. Moreover to increase its FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and to increase its economic stability it’s asking different countries and organizations help in the name of communal violence between minorities and natural resources. Finally Myanmar is playing a tricky role of being a beautiful flower that every bee wants to suck its nectar.

According to geographic location of Myanmar, Arakan (Rakhine) lies on the sea route of China. Ultimately China is in and will be in need in future. So Myanmar knowing the weakness of China is increasing its demand on Arakan. Utilizing this opportunity and with the requirements of Myanmar as a weak and destabilized country under dictatorship needs a companion to come forward. As is one of the nation who possess all the qualities to be next super power in the power shift. So Myanmar junta wants to establish itself as a strong nation under dictatorship as a partner so that it can protect and recognize itself globally under Chinese umbrella.

Myanmar using China as power threaten ASEAN countries with its resources by demanding that if ASEAN is not interested in Myanmar, it can sell or utilize its resources by China. In this mission they are quite successful, and is a part of ASEAN  today. Moreover not only in this field Myanmar also using China and Russia as a veto power in the matter of conflict and human violation on minorities, also act as shield when these matters are put forward in U.N and other related organizations. It’s also strengthening its military power, equipment and communications by endorsing with Chinese military and government. If we look further Myanmar also using China as a door towards another super power which is Russia.

Now we look at Myanmar’s interest on U.S.A, we notice Myanmar being in a dictatorship government for many years, and its country where human rights and citizenship is violated for many years. Now it wants to renovate its image unlike other nations so that globally they can recognized as decent and well organized nation using U.S.A as image builder. Since it’s a country with leading super power, who are successful in influencing the world politically, with military strength, economically, socially ,etc. Myanmar very cleverly also using U.S military to increase its strength. They are quite successful in doing these by vibrating the competition clashes and race by accusing that China is moving forward with great speed. So it might reach your position soon as they are also becoming successful by economically influencing the Myanmar and globally.

Ultimately U.S.A being a rival of China is also investing and providing military strength to dilute the Chinese influence. Similarly other countries behind U.S are also investing in Myanmar as they can see that around 45% of FDI is Chinas alone. So Myanmar giving this reason of balancing Chinese influences is implementing its technique to move forward and to be on top of the list which everyone desire to be.

By taking the advantage of the situation and conflict in the race of super powers Myanmar is getting profited by the investment who so ever or which country is doing. Because it’s the Myanmar who is being profited by all means even if the contract is of 30-50 years. Because ultimately the investment and the project, etc, becomes the end asset of Myanmar forever.

From ASEAN prospective if we see, like other countries like China, India,U.S.A ,etc. We can see that they are also in thirst of Myanmar resources. Even here as we mentioned above Myanmar uses its sugar coated policy on these countries too. As we all know Myanmar is a country which is under dictatorship, which is not recognized globally. So, Myanmar uses these minority groups conflict as a shield to explain that still the public of Myanmar does not deserve the democratic government as they have conflicts and issues in the country.

Finally it urged ASEAN countries to recognize itself as a government even though they hold dictatorship. So, that they can be both economically profited, in which they are successful today. In spite of nothing is changed in reality. Which was the first step to legitimize the military government of Myanmar by being in the list of ASEAN countries.

It’s now 40-50 years ASEAN is formed, by not even contributing to the founding of ASEAN Myanmar is eating the fruit of ASEAN by simply penetrating and holding its place. Myanmar took its place in this unity to show its strength and importance globally.

Myanmar’s another neighboring and uprising power is India. Again here they are using the same technique like before. Moreover they have an ancient relationship with India, because from British time before independence Indians was a great part in Myanmar’s population till the government of General Ne Wing. At his time he rooted up almost all Indians with his policy and law. So, Indian till today feel a possession towards Myanmar in many ways like history, culture, root religion, etc.

Now the present clever military junta, keeping all these situations in front rounded up their magic stick of policy here too. Myanmar is quite successful in this country also, as they managed to get a lot of FDI from India too in the name of contracts and agreement. In which both the countries are benefited.

Finally Myanmar is playing a big role here as it became successful in implementing all its policies which benefited them. Even with India they are working in hand to hand in political power as well in the banner of economy, border territory conflicts, business and sea route. Indian Ocean which belongs to Indian geographic location is very important for Myanmar, for its trade and welfare. So, it’s very important for it to work together and vise versa to safe guard its policies and benefits.Keeping Myanmar in between we can see that both China and India, which is equal to the world’s half population. They manage to convince both the nation in all ways to legitimize their military junta. So who is more profited and benefited can be seen clearly.

Now with another angle which is Bangladesh, we can see that Myanmar is in smooth relationship. It became important for Myanmar to show its peace and harmony with the neighboring countries. As it can affect its FDI, if they are in conflict it can discourage the foreign investors. More they share a sea route as well which is Bay of Bengal, where they need for trade, extraction of oil, gas and many more.

The Mough group which wants split Arakan is also a threat to Myanmar. So to secure its threat it has to be in buttering relationship with Bangladesh so that they do not get involved in the interest of Mough group as Bangladesh also have Mough group which supports Myanmar’s Mough groups. So Myanmar wants to tighten this Mough group from both the sides so that they do not get encouragement and support. Finally the Rohingya crises which is also a threat issue for Myanmar does not want these people to breed further in Bangladesh. So that they do not get a ground for preparing themselves to fire back against the military junta for their rights. So Myanmar became successful in managing this issue as well. Because when Rohingyas are persecuted in Arakan and forced to leave, they are further persecuted in Bangladesh as well.

Now the most important aspect is Rohingya and Arakan. Arakan is the land of Rohingya and Rohingyas  are the people of Arakan. It’s very important for us to understand the Rohingya issue, why is it highlighted by the world and focused? Although there are many issues and weakness of this military junta. It became very easy for this bully government to simply persecute these Rohingyas by the Mough which are the two generation that belongs to Arakan.

Now the question is why persecution?

Because it’s easy tool to make these two groups in conflict and simply snatching the resources and the land from these innocent people. And they have simply diverted their selfish role with a fake accusation that these are Muslims, which are simply in conflict with another religious group globally.

To implement their selfish motives for the land and resources of Arakan they simply paralyzed the development of Arakan. So the people of Arakan can never utilize their own resources. Not only that they have been using a threatening policy for the foreign investors as well by saying that it’s a conflict zone where life and property cannot be assured even by the Burmese government. In this way they have locked the Arakan with an invisible key of persecution and threat. Moreover even from the geographic location of Arakan, which poses the sea route of Bay of Bengal and the edge of Indian Ocean as well. So if it gets in the control of Mough or Rohingya it becomes another obstacle for this junta. So to eradicate these problems it’s simply eradicating the people of Arakan by applying a military control in the name of conflict zone. In this eradication process first target is the Rohingya muslims by Mough, and finally Mough by the Burmese junta. Which still Mough did not realize as the government is sponsoring them in the eradication of Rohingyas from their own home land.

Now the question arises why to investigate this issue from different angles, countries and powers?

Answer is not simply as it’s not about a person or place, it’s a future and present of a nation. Which deserves all the development and human right to live freely like other strong and developed nations. So it’s very important to think about this persecuted nation.

Why are they in this situation today?

Why are they paying such heavy price for their peace and harmony?

Is it coincidence? Or pre-planned?

And what the root cause of this issue?

And what’s the role of international powers here?

What is the position of this nation and how far can they survive in this game?

How can these situation be solved?

From all conclusion we have to came to a solution to this vast inhuman project. To do this we have taken four major angles of Rohingyas. In this part of the analysis we will look forward to these four angles.

Firstly what are the weaknesses of this Nation?

Secondly what threat does this nation possess and to whom?

Thirdly who can be or cannot profited or benefited from this minority?

Finally what are the strengths of this nation?

Following the first angle it’s now time to see the weakness of this nation and why it’s on so much persecution? Firstly if we look from a bigger scale we can see that this nation is made low in literacy rate are deprived of it. From this view very hardly some people are educated. Which is if 40 thousand Rohingyas are educated that is equal to 1% of our total population. With this view of low literacy other nations are scaling which includes Burmese junta and Mough too. From this view of other nations, another main weakness is the lack of a national policy for a nation with a target of reaching the future destination. Which means we are made trackless to move forward with a national policy. And they all think that we do not know where to go or where and what to work out as a national level. Which is among one of the fingers they can point towards Rohingyas.

Our another milestone in weakness is the lack of appreciation and thanks giving quality at human ,national and international  level. Although our people have reached and approached to almost all the parts of the world, but again here we are made disunity. And no network formation can be seen  even at this time of vast and fast communication as a Nation. To commit a suicide is very easy but to suicide as a nation is quite tough. But, unfortunately very easily we Rohingyas are forced to leave their mother land due to persecution which is equal to a suicide as a Nation. Another greater weakness is at community service, even at this critical time when it’s required impatiently in our Nation. If we count the activist who are working for our nation we can see that hardly only 5 thousand .Which is not even equal to 1%  or 1\2%of our nation. According to the situation, where we need at least 10% of it to think and work for the other 90%.Unfortunmately we are made far away from it. Due to the displacement within and outside the country we can see our thinking, behavior and sense of patriotism started varying. In result of all this we as nation are disorganized and disunited. We have highlighted these major weaknesses from the view of other nation.

Among the four angles another angle is the threat. What threat do we pose globally and to the Burmese junta especially? And most importantly the main fact we should understand is not to underestimate as a nation and what value we have. So that others also give us the value and respect which we deserve. And what is the profit and gain for other nations from us?

If we currently view from the persecution and torture our nation is facing. Burmese government should understand the threat as these persecuted people can be easily manipulated and misuse them by other powers in dangerous and inconvenient operations. Moreover due to the unfavorable situation in Arakan people are being forced to leave the country, where human traffickers are in great profit. For such reason Myanmar is facing an international pressure from international powers and human rights organizations. Which became a huge milestone for the Burma towards democracy.

Another factor is the intensity of persecution Rohingyas are facing. Till today this nation wants to stay in peace and harmony if they are granted all human and citizenship rights. If the level torture increases further Rohingyas will be forced to fight back like other minorities in the country, which will unrest the government further. Even on the investment factor if we look, Rohingyas being a Muslim nation where they are so much persecuted, other Muslim countries will be not be so much interested in investing in such a country. Myanmar will be more profitable if they think from this view.

Furthermore if the persecution continues there are possibilities that Myanmar might lose Arakan, which is geographically and resource wise rich. Which not necessary Rohingyas will do as there are many nation hungry for this land Arakan.  So due to such factors government should take step towards the end of these inhuman activities for their future interests and strategies.

In parallel with Burmese government China is in also in these threats. As China is a country which have invested in huge sectors with a contract on 20-30 years. And Arakan can also became an obstacle in their sea route. Further extraction of resources and the export and import in Arakan cannot be possible if Rohingyas are not convinced and the violation does not cease. As it’s a nation which cannot be vanished so easily, where they have been living for more there for thousands of years. Finally these reasons can be threat towards their approach of being or becoming super power not only for China for other powers too. So all international must look forward to this issue in depth for a possible solution.

Now we move forward towards the third angle, which is strength of this nation-Rohingya, which by being a Rohingya are unaware of it. But others nations are looking forward to it. From today’s episode  we want to make aware Rohingyas and globally even by being in these persecution for many years what quality we poses. Which is an important information of this episode to deliver.

Our first and strongest strength is we belong to a religion of 1.5 billion Muslim globally. Which is 1\5th of  world’s population. So it’s an indication that to move Rohingya is to alter the whole Muslim nation. Secondly we Rohingyas ancestral wise are an indo-arian nation. So our culture and tradition match south-east Asian countries mainly, not like Mongolian nations. So powers supporting  these Mongolian should actually support as they are and will be need of us to move in hand to hand as the power shift is liable in shifting towards these regions for their own interests.

Another major strength is our huge population of 45% from Arakan’s total population. And among the total Muslim population we Rohingyas hold 25%. So we became the first target to be destroyed. This is where we should realize and know how to utilize this huge nation. Following this we poses a huge amount of voting power which both Burmese and Mough have realized. That’s the reason Burmese government if implementing many techniques to get these vote in the upcoming election in November. This is where we should know how to use the votes to gain back our rights.

Our another angle of strength is our population outside Arakan. According RVISION analysis and information and  rough estimation  from our community we have at least 15-20 lakhs people in foreign countries in total. Around 4 lakhs in Bangladesh, more than 3 lakhs in K.S.A, Pakistan holds 2  lakhs and Malaysia have around 1.5 lakhs. In Arab territory we have around 10-15 thousands, Australia have 8 thousands, in Thailand around 6-7 thousands. In Indonesia around 5-6 thousands. China have 4-5 thousand, Finally in Europe 2-3 thousand and in U.S.A roughly 1-2 thousand.

Like China we can also set up business and communication as we have a network of people all around the world. Which have been created by the dispersing of our nation became 1 of our greatest strength. Now it’s our turn how to utilize and make people globally realize about our potential. In the above angle we have discussed about only the strength of man power inside and outside Arakan. Let us discuss about the scoops we have?

From the economic view of people inside Arakan. Firstly in the agricultural field we have around 50-60%of production in the hand of Rohingyas. Secondly they hold around 30-35% of sea food business as Arakan is rich in lakes, ponds and rivers and are involved in many minor businesses. Even outside Arakan Rohingyas are involved in construction, import and export of Gems and stone, textile, retail, extraction of natural resources, food and beverages, automobiles import, electronic and machinery businesses and selling product.

From another view of strength Rohingyas in Arakan are a great and uprising consumer  purchasing market as we poses around 45% of Arakan’s total population. So the resources of Arakan can be utilized and profitable by selling to the population of Arakan itself.

Now from the strength of people outside Arakan we can see that alone in Bangladesh we have huge Rohingya man power where they run industries, textile, import and export business and many more. If we look at K.S.A also we have many Rohingya Imam and religious scholars who not only serve their own but other nations too. Even here we have people in manufacturing, retail, import and export, hotel, transportation, service, etc  businesses. Another holy opportunity in K.S.A is the seasonal business or service in the time Hajj and Umrah. Where by serving the Muslim Ummah around the world and they are also profited. Similar to Rohingyas in Bangladesh we have a huge man power in Saudi Arabia as well which can be utilized by both themselves and other nations.

Again in Pakistan and Malaysia we have Rohingyas in textile manufacturing, retail, import and export businesses and many other small businesses. In China Rohingyas are mainly involved in gems and stone businesses and import and export. Our another power is the batch of professionally trained politician and military who are the retired government officials. It’s now time for them to be united so that they can be used as trainers to train the upcoming generation to rule the country.

Even in Educational sector we almost have people from every profession like business men, engineers, doctors, teachers, nurses, professors, lawyers, pilots, researchers, scientist and many more who are dispersed all around the world. Among our Strength we also have many people who have the nationality of different powerful countries. So they have opportunities to train and educate their children who should try to be capable to enter military or parliament so that they can serve their own country they belong and to the Rohingyas as well.

Another strength is the media empire, where Rohingyas have stepped. Due to which they are able to make aware and reveal their persecution they are facing to their own community and globally. We have many media who are already recognized by world.

Finally we are a nation whom belongs to Arakan. So the land and resources belongs to us. If others wants to utilize must convince us first. So we are an important nation whom other powers need. So it’s another opportunity to utilize the powers we have and how to use them to serve our nation. We are a part of the huge Muslim Ummah which we should realize and work according to that. We also have many opportunities as we have vast network of people politically and socially inside and outside Burma. So these can be utilized to serve the nation and to come up with various practical solutions.

Another huge opportunity is the international support towards the Rohingya community. So that these can be utilized to safeguard our nation. If these support cannot give us our rights and land back, we can at least ask for other support like empowering youth, educating children, providing hospitality and a stable legal documentation to stay in the country they are, allowing them to utilize their potential so that we can build ourselves as a strong nation.

We have tried to explain a different view for a nation called Rohingya, whose importance in not known except for the sake sympathy and as a weak minority group. In this episode we have tried to explain the strength and potential of Rohingyas, opportunity they have. How we got victimized in the struggle of global power? What Burma and international community wants from us? With international powers, how Burma is playing? Finally we have to make ourselves realize and reveal our potential  globally so that we become a valuable nation. And to show our asset as a nation who can benefit others and themselves. In return other nation respect and gets interested to collaborate and support in our struggle to gain back our rights.

This article is a transcription of the talk show : Connecting Hidden Dots Episode 3: 360 with MD Noor Global Power Struggle & Rohingyas Part Two

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