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Breaking News: Six Critically Injured Rohingya Found Abandoned in Hills near Kutupalong Camp

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 3rd September 2018

Kutupalong: six  Rohingya were found abandoned in separate hills near the Kutupalong makeshift camp of Cox’sbazaar in a group of four and two, today (3rd September 2018), report locals.

Groups of four and two Rohingya were rescued by other nearby Rohingya in critically injured condition, with cuts on their throats in two differnt hills near Kutuplaong and were taken away by Bangladeshi gov’t forces for treatment.

According to updated source, a victim from Balukhali died and is named to be Noor Alom S/O Sayod Hussain,45.

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From the victims’ interviews, it was known that the group who kidnapped them were in masks and were unrecognizable.

When they were rescued, one of the victim could speak others were in the condition of giving statements in written form and they were interviewed before rushing to the hospital.

In an another interview from the victim who could speak, said the masked men were in police uniform and acted like police.

He further said, those men in uniforms attacked them and tried to kill them by cutting of their throats.

Earlier tonight at 2 am, a group of six Rohingya was returning after fishing from Sammahadha area, whom were taken away by unknown group. Since then six of the Rohingya were missing.

Later today in the morning, six of them were rescued by Rohingya and locals. Among six, four of them were hailing from Kutupalong and other two were from Balukhali makeshift camps.

Among the six victims names of the two victims from Kutupalong are: Eliyas and Mustafa Kamala and others are still unidentified.

Rohingya refugees walk toward a refugee camp after crossing the border in Anjuman Para near Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh in late 2017. Image: REUTERS

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