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Four Rohingyas Dead and Many Injured in Lorry Accident in Maungdaw

By M.S. Anwar

Sunday, 18 May, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan– Four people died and many others got injured in a deadly truck accident took place at Dudan (Ludain) in northern Maungdaw on 17th May evening. Locals believe many more people will add to the death list soon as people complete rescue works.

“Around 4:30PM on 17th May 2014, a lorry carrying bricks accidentally turned over in front of the mosque in the village of Dael Fara of Dudan (Ludain) village tract, northern Maungdaw. More than four people died and many others got injured due to the accident. Details need to be confirmed yet” said a local of the village.

“The lorry was delivering bricks to U Anwar, a businessman in Kyeing Chaung (Bawli Bazaar). Unfortunately, it met with deadly accident. We feel accident took place not only because of inconsistent and under-developed high ways in the region but also because of driver’s fault. Eventually, it might be the God’s will” he added.

Update: There were 9 people on the truck. One died on the spot. Four got critically injured and other four are less injured. Apology for misreporting above! All of them are from Naya Fara, Bawli Bazaar (Kyeing Chaung). They are:

1)       Abdul Rahman (son of) Abul Alam (Age 17), (died on the spot)

2)       MohammedJohar (son of) Amir Hussein (Age 15) (Critically injured)

3)       Ibrahim (son of) Sayed Hussein (Age 25) (Critically injured)

4)       Zafar (son of) Abul Huseein (Age 30) (Critically injured)

5)       Salimullah (son of) Noor Mohammed (31) (Critically injured)

6)       Idiris (son of) Amir Hussein (Age 16) (injured)

7)       Sayed Noor (son of) Yacob (Age 16) (injured)

8)       Abul Hashim (son of) Abul Hussein (16) and 9) one more. (injured)

Later, the commander of military battalion took them by another truck to Kyein Chaung hospital. The driver of the truck is Noor Bashar from Myoma Kayintan (Shidda Fara), Maungdaw.