Shuaib September 6, 2016

Buthidaung- Forestry officer and his 3 informers are going to Rohingya villages and extorting a lot of money from the woodcutters in the name of checking the license of going to forest and cutting wood in the south of Buthiduang, Arakan.

According to the persecuted people, 12 Rohingya poor villagers from Porahprang Thein Taung village tract under Nyaung Chaung were stopped in order to check license while they were returning with fire woods by boat from the Meyu forest on 4, August. Then the forestry officer U Hla Htwa along with his 3 informers extorted one lakh Kyats from each of them alleging that they didn’t have license.

In the same way, they stopped another 7 Rohingya woodcutters who were coming back from the forest with woods on that day and extorted 7 lakh Kyats as well as seized their choppers.

The above-mentioned forestry group jointed with Porahprang Aungpah village head, U Maung Gyi, and entered into the Rohingya hamlets where they extorted one thousand Kyats from each house on the accusation of having no license to bring fire-woods form the forest. But they do not take any taxes from the Rakhine (Mogh) houses although they file woods to sell.

The money extorters frequently have a round in the Rohingya villages nearby Meyu forest and snatch the foods from the mouths of poor and helpless Rohingya people via extorting money that causes the premature deaths of them due to the lack of nutrient.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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