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Forced Repatriation Talks got Heart Attack to a Rohingya & left him Dead

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 8th October 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: An elderly Rohingya’s heart failed and immediately died after hearing his name to be there on the list of the repatriation to Arakan (Rakhine), yesterday (7th November 2018), reports a family member.

The Rohingya named Muhammed Shaker S/O Azizur Rahman, 58 was in the marketplace when he heard about their repatriation to their homleand, which he had to flee with his family just a year ago, to save their lives.

Muhammed Shaker S/O Azizur Rahman, 58 Died due to a heart attack after hearing about repatriation on 7th November 2018. Image: RVISION TV

After hearing about the forced repatriation process, which is likely to begin in mid-November, left him in deep stress. Due to the stress, all his past trauma and fear recalled, which his body couldn’t bear.

After reaching the home from the market, within a short period of time he had a heart attack and he died immediately within a few minutes at around 6:00 PM.

According to his family member, he was a healthy and fit man and this sudden heart attack was totally unexpected.

“After hearing about repatriation, he took deep stress about his children and what will happen to them in Arakan. His body could not bear the trauma and pain and he died of heart attack,” explains a neighboring Rohingya who wished to be anonymous.

The victims originally hail from Dar Pyin Sara village of Buthidaung Township and after fleeing his own village they were sheltering in Camp 16: Block-A-10 of Shobullah Hada.

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Earlier another 2 elderly Rohingya attempted to commit suicide and are now treated is MSF hospital.

Since the announcement of this forced repatriation deal, a panic is seen on the faces of the Rohingya in makeshift camps. Their mental health seems to deteriorate further and is proving life-threatening.

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