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Forced Displacement of Rohingya IDP in Pauktaw Begins

M.S. Anwar | November 6, 2013

Violence against Muslims
A Glimpse of the plight of internally displaced Rohingyas at the camps of Sin-Htet-Maw (Sandama). More than 120,000 Rohingyas were displaced by the violence by Rakhine extremmists backed by the government. (Photo: AP)

Pauktaw, Arakan- Authority in Pauktaw township started to forcibly shift internally displaced Rohingyas at the camps of Sin-Htet-Maw (Sandama) to the well-fenced concentration camps built at the lowlands of Nget-Chaung. Today (i.e. November 6, 2013), Military and Security Force (Hlun Hteins) forcibly shifted more than 100 Rohingya IDP by two boats to the Nget-Chaung Camps.

“Military Tactical Operation Commander and Pauktaw Township Administrator accompanied by military and Hlun Hteins (Security Force) came to the camps of Sin-Htet-Maw at around 11AM yesterday (5th November 2013). They ordered internally displaced Rohingyas at the camps to move to the camps buitlt at Nget-Chaung village by Friday (November 8, 2013). They threatened that they would use force, arrest and detain all of us if we failed to follow their order.

However, a number of military and security force surrouned the camps at Sandama and forcibly shifted more than 100 Rohingya IDP to the camps at Nget-Chaung village. They seem rather hasty and are forcing people to move out of Sandama camps earlier than they said. More forced evacuation will occur in the coming days. More than 6,000 people will be driven out” said an internally displaced Rohingyas at Sin-Htet-Maw.

“The reasons why people here at Sandama are reluctant to move to the camps built at Nget-Chaung are:

1) they were built at the lowland place vulberable to flood and storm.

2) they are well-fenced and there is only one gate for both entrance and exit.

3) the place is heavily guarded by military and security force exactly like Nazi-Concentration Camps.

4) Hence, our movements and access to our livelihoods will be restricted severely.

5) Once we can be kept in those camps, then, it will be impossible for us to move to our original land and place.

Eight cabins have been made within a longhouse (under the same roof). Each cabin is for one family. It will be too small for a family to live in a cabin-like room. However, we told the authority that we would be pleased to live in any kind of houses if the houses were built on our original lands. But we can we do? They have another plan for us. That is to get us rid of our lands and make us permanently homeless” he exclaimed.




  1. Saman Jinnah Hleesani Saman Jinnah Hleesani November 6, 2013

    Allahu Akbar may Almighty be protect all Rohingya brothers and sisters really heart bleeding news

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