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Force and Fierce Enlightens Further Persecution on Rohingya

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 2nd November 2017

Buthidaung: Militray along with extremist Rakhines are increasing the persecution on the remaining Rohingyas by looting and extracting fake evidences to hide the crimes against humanity on 1st November, 2017 reports local sources.

A group of Military from the battalion 234 along with extremist Rakhines (Moghs) entered the village of Lawadong of Phozzu Weng Cong village track of Buthidaung and started looting Rohingya’s properties on mass scales. “They looted all our household things including bamboos, fences and took trees by cutting” explains a victim on the condition of anonymity.

In parallel to mass looting authorities are trying to hide their crimes committed on the innocent Rohingyas by extraction fake evidences in the quarter 10 of Taungbazar, Buthidaung Township.

Military personnel from there called: a sycophant along with 3 others from Hormura village, Ex-village administrator of Noiyyafar, who is also a sycophant, another village administrator of Pong do Prang village and few other government informers in their battalion. There they were threatened to give fake narrations and signatures stating that Burmese military is not responsible for the crimes they committed and it’s the Rohingyas themselves who all the crimes by burning their own homes and leaving the region.

According to the local villagers their threat and pressure only made those sycophant and informers give illogical statement and no common villagers gave such statement or stated anything in authorities’ threat.

After engulfing the whole region with fire authorities are using their fierce to enlighten further unrest and panic on the remaining Rohingyas, whom are already made to linger with all humanitarian needs and are under massive threat of losing their lives.

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