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Authorities Force & Fierce became Tools of Money Extortion

By Maung Saw Lwin | 19th April 2018

Buthidaung: 2 Burmese police along with a Border Guard Police (BGP) threatened and attempted to arrest a Rohingya from a village in southern Buthidaung Township on 18th April 2018, reports a local source.

At around 01:00 PM 2 police from ward 3 police station and 1 BGP member from ward 7 entered Tet Yar (Zabbar Para) hamlet of Kagyat Phat Kan Pyin village tract and attempted to arrest an innocent Rohingya and threatened him of detention.

Initially they entered village and ordered the Rohingya along with his other 2 nephew to arrive at the vice village administrator’s house. There he was forced to pay 400, 000 kyats, which he had to pay by borrowing from others.

The victim was identified to be Muhammed Sultan and according to locals’ statements he is among the poorest people in the village who strive for a daily meal for his family.



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Burmese Authorities money extortion have reached its peak on the remaining Rohingya where they are hardly able to earn a daily meal.

Moreover in this human made catastrophe Burmese government staged a dramatic repatriation, initiating it with a single family and are using it as publicity stunt to hide their genocidal crimes.

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