ZYA July 20, 2016

Minbya (20 July) – The Arkanese Rohingya flood affected victims are left unattended by authorities from getting reliefs  in Minbya Township where most of the Rohingya inhabitants were affected severely and their homes  had been destroyed and the households were washed away by flood. More than 80 families including  aged people and innocent children are now under the open sky without foods, shelter, medicine, clothes and clean water.

The Laymyo and Kaladan rivers burst their banks after torrential rain in northern Arakan State and flooding has affected several wards and villages in Kyauktaw, Mrauk-U, Minbya and Kyauktaw townships over 5-6 July.

In Pauk Si Village, Nagara Village Tract, southern Minbya, there are 700 homes of Rohingya. Of them, the recent demoralizing flood has destroyed 80 families, who are suffering from shortage of drinking water, starvation and insomnia, according to one of the victims.

On 15th June 2016, a group from Red Cross Organization went to the affected area with the purpose of helping and distributed reliefs among some people who lives in the south of the village.

They provided them with 5 cooking pots, 5 plates, a dozen of spoons and 4 pieces of clothes each family. The NGO gave these reliefs to a few families of the southern side of the village only. But there are some real victims who haven’t got any aid yet. Thus their sufferings are increasing day by day.

The sufferings of the flood affected victims are devoid of foods, drinking water, medical facilities, clothes and other daily necessaries. At present, they are in need of helps of the philanthropic donors of the world.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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