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Far from Japan’s NHK reporter Acts Raise Rohingya in Aceh

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Far from Japan’s NHK reporter Acts Raise Rohingya in Aceh
February 10
18:31 2016

TRIBUNNERS – Handling of ethnic Rohingya refugees by Indonesia in several shelters in the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam continue to invite the interest and curiosity of various parties.

One shelter complex that stands last year thanks to the attention of national and global donor community, in the village of Blang Adoe, Lhokseumawe, Aceh Utara is one that often get attention.

Complex shade ata u Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) established by Fast Action Response (ACT) and the Committee of the Rohingya Solidarity (KNSR) for the support of the Government of the District of Aceh Utara it, inviting the attention of three researchers and a journalist broadcaster Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) on Japan.

Akiko Horiba, Mariko Hayashi and Fumiko Okamtoto of The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) and Yuko Aizawa from NHK spend up to two days, Friday – Saturday to talk and mingle with the residents of the shelter.

President of the National Committee for the Rohingya Solidarity (KNSR), Syuhelmaidi Syukur, who accompanied the investigators since from Jakarta, explained the researchers were interested in knowing more about the origin of the presence of ethnic Rohingya refugees into Aceh .

The history of the conflict in their country as well as handling them after arriving in the province of Aceh in Indonesia. So far, besides accommodated in the village of Blang Adoe, Aceh Utara, Rohingya refugees also placed in shelters in Bayeun, Aceh Timur, Kuala Langsa and Lhok Bani, Langsa.

During their stay in Blang Adoe ICS, the researchers interviewed scores of refugees to obtain original information about the story of their journey across the ocean. The volunteers who have been involved in the handling of the Rohingya refugees also were interviewed in depth.

“Before the arrival of three researchers from Japan, ICS Blang Adoe also often received visits. Researchers from Malaysia and Australia as well as representatives of various international institutions have been coming here, the beginning of January and even some students from the Nanyang University of Singapore also made a documentary about the Rohingya here, “said Media Relations KNSR, Bakri Zainal.

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