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False Accusations and Illegal Raids outstretches Rohingya in Tongbru

By Rvision TV | 29th July 2017

Tongbru: Burmese military and police conducted join raids in two separate villages of Tongbru sub-township, where they accused innocent villagers as militants and conducted illegal check in Rohingya houses on 28th July 2017, reports our correspondents.

In the first incidence in fanisara hamlet of medai village military arrived at 12 PM and called the village administrator in a meeting, where they accused innocent Rohingyas of being connected with the militants in the region.

Moreover in the raids they followed a list, which was earlier provided by a sycophants from the village. According to a local villagers “Siddique (Sycophant) is using his personal issues and misunderstanding where he listed and labelled almost all social workers of the village as militants to take his personal revenge”.

Vise-versa at the same time military conducted raid and illegal check on another hamlet of media village in Rohingya houses leaving local villagers in threat and fear of further persecution.

Raids and illegal check have become a daily routine for military , whom are are destabilizing the region instead of stabilizing and providing peace and security in the region.

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