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Existing Rohingya houses Torched in Maungdaw

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th February 2018

Maungdaw: Extremists Moghs (Rakhines) torched remaining houses in Shiarafara Village of Maungdaw Township on 5th February 2018, report sources.

A bunch of extremist Moghs (Rakhines) arrived in the Fukfara (westside) of Shiarafara village at 09:00 PM and torched the remaining Rohingya houses and left the region immediately.

Fire burned the area extensively and left the villagers in extreme fear of further attack in the region. Fire flared for couples of hours and later villagers managed to extinguish with the help of sand and water.

Torching Rohingya houses to ashes became a common crime in Arakan (Rakhine) where from one side remaining Rohingyas are forced to flee towards Bangladesh and on the other side a dramatic talk of repatriation is going on between Bangladesh and Burma (Myanmar).

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