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Escaped to India, but persecution goes on: Arakanese Rohingya Falsely accused

Tarpaulin sheets and open sewage greet visitors in Rohingya camps in Hyderabad. Image by: Al Jazeera

Escaped to India, but persecution goes on: Arakanese Rohingya Falsely accused
July 15
14:02 2016

HYDERABAD: “My persecution has not ended even after migrating to India,” said 29-year-old Maulana Khaled Mehmood, a former terror-accused, who is now fighting a cheating case (Section 420 of IPC) and a Foreigners Act case.

Picked up by National Investigating Agency (NIA) on Nov 14, 2014, from his residence in Royal Colony near Balapur, the Rohingya refugee was lodged for five months in Presidency Jail in Kolkata and then transferred to Cherlapally Jail in the city, where he was an inmate for six months.

Finally, as NIA could not prove allegations against him, Khaled got a conditional bail but city police booked him under a cheating case (Section 420, 458, 471 of IPC) and Section 14 of Foreigners Act for not being registered under UNHCR.

“The NIA wanted to make me an accused in the Burdwan blast case, but could not join the dots to prove their case,” said Khaled, father of a two-year old.

He has to go to L B Nagar Court every 40 days. The former teacher at a madarsa (Islamic seminary) for Rohingya children near a refugee camp, Khaled is not being employed by any madarsa due to his ‘terrorist’ tag.

“I was the sole breadwinner of my family. This false accusation has ruined my life. The education of my two sisters and one brother, along with room rent of `3,000 is being taken care of by my aged father, who is forced to work as construction laborer in Saudi Arabia as I lost all sources of income,” Khaled said.

The former terror-accused is now planning to run a grocery shop. Here, the police comes any time of the day or night,” he said.

Asked why he was picked up by NIA, Khaled said, “I too asked the same question to them. Why of all the Rohingyas was I picked up? The NIA said that they had Rohingya informants, who said that I was a terrorist. How can they pick someone up based on mukhbiri (spying)? If they had to release me, why did they keep me in jail for 11 months, ruining my entire life?” he questioned.

“At Kolkata, NIA officials kept enquiring on every detail of my life from birth till the date I got caught,” he said.

Pleading innocence, Khaled said: “Leave alone plotting against the Indian government, I have never abused any person in my life.”

Taking advantage of the situation, the houseowner where he lives as tenant also duped Khaled of `70,000, claiming he paid for a lawyer, whom Khaled never saw.

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