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Emergency Relief Distributed to 1000 Rohingya Families in Bangladesh

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 14th October 2017

Cox’s Bazar: Roohingya Business club along with Rohingya Vision and Hakim Solidarity Associated distributed Aid to 1000 Rohingya Family in the new makeshift camp of TheingHali, Cox’ Bazar in Bangladesh on 12th October, 2017, reports our members.

The aim of distributing emergency relief to the newly arrived Rohingyas who fled the recent Brutal military atrocities in need of immediate food supply was successfully implemented with the help of Bangladeshi officials.

The aid was distributed to 1000 Rohingya families in Theinghali makeshift camp of Cox’s Bazar, where no forms of humanitarian aids reached up till now. After identifying the vulnerable situation of this camp, aid distribution started since 8 AM. Aids were distributed by the members of Rohingya Business club, Rohingya Vision TV and Hakim Solidarity Association.

The Emergency relief included 11 items of food: Rice, Oil, Onions, Garlic, Ginger, 2-3 types of Pulses, Potato, 3-4 types of Spices.

Later members from the 3 group held talks with the Bangladeshi Army and took approval to build 40 Toilets, 40 Bathhouses for females and 40 water pump in the camp, where the newly arrived Rohingya, especially females and children are lingering without proper sanitation and safe drinking water 

Aid distribution process in Pictures:

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