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Eight Rohingya Arrested, others forced to Escape from Arbitrary Arrest

Buthidaung – Military and Border Guard Police have raided Kyaung Taung Village, northern Buthidaung and the villagers are forced to escape from arbitrary arrest, while eight of them have been arrested and tortured inhumanely.

On 21st May, at 11:00 am, around 50 BPGs led by Battalion Commander sieged Pazuntaung hamlet of Kyang Taung Village, destroyed two houses, ordered the family members to bring family list to be checked, according to a villager. “They checked us and threatened accusing us of linking with terrorism, but proved nothing,” said the villager.

Finally, Taung Bazar based BGP Commander Tun Naing summoned the villagers for meeting and arrested eight members of the village who are tortured inhumanely. The arrestees are Rafique s/o Shah Alam, 18; Nur Islam s/o ShahAlam, 22; Abul Husain s/o Kabir Ahmed, 18; Rafique s/o Abul Hashim, 20; Ali Ahmed, 50; Juhar s/o Kasim Ali, 27; Nur Mohammad s/o Taher, 60 and Hamid s/o Bashir, 22.

Villagers and family members of the victims are worried about their fate, as the government seldom releases whom it arrests since 9/10. According to sources, tens of arrestees are killed in the custody of police and military, and hundreds of others were sentenced to long-term jail without trial. The family members who recently visited their relative prisoners report horrific stories in Buthidaung jail.