RVISION March 30, 2016

As a domestic EgyptAir flight was hijacked and forced to land in Cyprus, Egyptians took to social media on Tuesday and made light of the situation, saying they wished they were on board to escape the country’s woes.

On Twitter, the Arabic hashtag “I wish I was with them” received strong traction online, becoming a top trending topic in Egypt.

Seif el-Din Mustafa, an Egyptian passenger, stands accused of hijacking the flight headed to the Egyptian capital from Alexandria, but that ended up at Cyprus’ Larnaca airport instead.

Mustafa allegedly threatened the crew with what he said was a suicide vest, which later was found to be fake.

Following the news, social media users in Egypt expressed their envy over how a domestic flight managed to land in Europe. Strict visa requirements imposed on Egyptian passport holders have long been a subject of ridicule.

Many Egyptians also complain of high unemployment, the deteriorating economy, and poor government services.

“This plane hijacking incident can’t take any more jokes. Imagine the fear of these passengers when they found out that there’s another plane that’s going to take them back to Egypt,” wrote Mohamed Elsawy sarcastically on Facebook.

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Source: Al Jazeera