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Drunk Military Officer Recriminate the Tortured Rohingya Rickshaw-Puller

By Aung Aung

Sittwe (Akyab), (Rohingya Vision)The Myanmar military major severely tortured a Rohingya rickshaw-puller in Sittwe Township last Sunday under the high influence of alcohol but recriminated that he had done so because the rickshaw-puller was drunk.

Major Ye Mon Maung, the commander of the battalion 376, stopped and severely tortured ‘Sayed Noor,’ a Rohingya rickshaw-puller while going through the check-post of the military camp  in ‘Thae Chaung’ village on June 28. (Details can be read here: )

Around 10:30AM the next day, the major summoned Sayed Noor’s wife to the camp. He provided her 10Kg pack of rice and Kyat 10,000 along Kyat 5,000 confiscated from him earlier. He recriminated her husband of getting drunk and pulling rickshaw to conceal the crime had committed.

“Your husband was drunk. So, we have just warned him. He complained me of losing Kyat 5,000. Now, I am giving you Kyat 10,000 instead and a bg of rice.

Our door is open for you and your family anytime. You can come here if you need anything. Feel free to ask from us” said Rehena Begum, wife of Sayed Noor, quoting what the military officer told her.

“I just had to listen what they were saying and accept what they were doing. We have no right to say any words to defend our positions and say against the army, police or security forces.

Even in the cases of money extortions, lootings and tortures by them, many dare not speak up lest they should be arrested and detained. So, I, too, had to just nod my head to whatever they said” she continued.

These kind of gross injustices have been going on against the Rohingyas for decades and become even worse now.

UN should take action against Rohingya Genocide according its principles of upholding human rights and protecting Rohingya from Genocide. UN Security Council should function to end the persecution and Genocide of Rohingya under UN charters.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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