Dr. Mahbubul Haque and Dr. Rohaida With MD NOOR on Rohingya issues

By February 7, 2017 14:33

Dr. Mahbubul Haque and Dr. Rohaida With MD NOOR on Rohingya issues


Dr Mahbubul Hoq on Burmese gov’t and Refugee matter


  1. Burma and Suu Kyi says it’s not Genocide isn’t there enough evidence to call it so? Even after proving as genocide, is there any other way to bring them to justice rather than ICC, Etc…
  2. In Recent Massacre in MDW Burma lying that there’s no serious atrocities going on, if so why are they not allowing media access?
  3. After all this evidence of massacre, distraction of properties, killings, rape, arrest and images of satellite burning villages, isn’t that enough to send UN peace force?
  4. The Burmese government has now formed an inquiry commission (like in 2012) with its own people to investigate into the crimes against Rohingya committed by its own military. No Rohingya or any other Muslim is included in the commission. What’s you take on that? Why any form of international investigations in not going on? Your view please?
  5. It’s already proven that Int. Gov’t pressure is not enough to Burma what else can done to stop these inhuman act against innocent people?


Dr Ruhaida on the matter of ASEAN and Law Aspects


  1. Burma continuously lying that Rohingyas are illegal immigrant event though it’s proven they are not. How to stop Burma from lying to int. Community?
  2. What stopping ASEAN govt not to take action against a genocidal regime rather than non-interference agreement?
  3. What int. Law states about Self-defense in this context, where oppressed people from last 70 years after reaching to the point of extinction, have stood for their rights against military abuses?
  4. Should the Nobel Prize of Aung San Suu Kyi be revoked considering that her silence on and attempts to cover-up the military crimes make her complicit in the Rohingya Genocide according to international laws?
  5. Why is not Burma allowing humanitarian aids to the dying people? What action can be taken against any government that blocks humanitarian aids according to international law?
  6. What is the responsibility of the Nations towards refugees fleeing from deadly situations in its neighboring nation according to international laws?



By February 7, 2017 14:33

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