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Dozens of Rohingya people Fleeing Shelter in Aceh

Dozens of Rohingya people Fleeing Shelter in Aceh
October 08
14:12 2015

A total of 80 Rohingyas have fled from temporary shelters in the village of Blang Ado, Kuta Makmur subdistrict, North Aceh District, Aceh Province, within five months since they were first placed at that location.

It was revealed after the Head of Supervision and Enforcement (Wasdakin) Immigration Lhokseumawe, Albert Djalius, recalculate the number of Rohingya in Blang Ado together with the government of the district, the police, the UN agency for refugees (UNHCR) and International Organization for Migration (IOM) ,

According to Albert, the number of Rohingya people when they first occupy temporary shelters Blang Ado in May reached 316 inhabitants. However, on 7 October, the number of Rohingyas live 236 inhabitants.

UNHCR said the number of Rohingya people are accommodated in Blang Ado has fled to Malaysia.

“We know some of them have arrived in Malaysia. We have contacted our offices in Malaysia and match records. However, we do not know where most of the others, “said Jeffrey Savage, senior officials of UNHCR protection.

Savage added, it can not impede the movement of the Rohingya people because it is the authority of the Indonesian government.

Problem efforts to prevent the escape of dozens of Rohingya, Lhokseumawe police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Tri Harsono Anang said police could not take decisive action because the Rohingya not prisoners.

One resident claimed saturated because the Rohingya are not allowed to offsite storage.

“In Myanmar, we could not get out of the area because we are Muslims. Here, we should not be out in the slightest. If we can walk right gladly. We have asked the UNHCR to take us out for a while with one or two bus containing 30 people, “said Hussin, a Rohingya Malay told reporters in Aceh, Syaiful MD.

In May, hundreds of Rohingya arriving in coastal Aceh using wooden boats. The Government of Indonesia and Malaysia agreed in accommodating refugees and migrants adrift at sea with the condition that they are placed in third countries or repatriated within one year.

A month later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia to ensure that about 964 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar will be placed in temporary shelters in Lhokseumawe, East Aceh and North Aceh until the next year.




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