Does Wirathu Want idol-worship from us?

By December 14, 2015 13:29

Does Wirathu Want idol-worship from us?

By Qutub Shah

First of all, I would like to advise that don’t judge a religion by its followers but by its sacred book(s). If we judge Buddhism by Wirathu’s actions for example, it looks like mere terrorism. So, if you want to know Islam read the Holy Quran and the authentic Hadiths.

This is Wirathu the so-called defender of religion and race, renowned for his mischief-making in the society, who had muddied the purity of centuries old muslim-buddhist co-existence in Myanmar, making his utmost efforts to exterminate Muslim existence from the country or to defame Islam at least and had made millions of Muslim in Myanmar unrest.

Especially since a few years before his imprisonment in 2003, he had been attacking the Muslim rites one by one, instigating the Buddhists against Muslims, criticizing Muslim worships and cultures, abusing Muslims by dirty words, accusing them for every antisocial actions, writing against Islam and its sacred teachings, delivering hatred speeches against Muslims, defaming purity of Islam in various ways.

A few months back wirathu and his followers raised a voice against hijab (Muslim head cover) and demanded government to ban hijab on school girls. Why should it be banned while it’s not dissident with Buddhist, Burmese and democratic values? A doubt that comes to mind is that Wirathu can’t fully enjoy looking woman in their head scarves.

Let me clarify his misunderstandings:


Wirathu always blames Islamic Sharia (Law) over allowing polygamy in Islam saying that it is a threat to their race by muslim dominance, the reason of growth of population and shortage of limited natural resources, and a violation of woman right.

Let me draw your attention, to several points:

– In Myanmar according to the latest census female population is more than male population. In addition, there are a huge number of monks, who practice celibacy; gays who never marry and loses of men in war. If these women don’t marry a man who already has a wife, there is no second option for them to choose except being public property in hotels, night clubs, ladies bars, casinos, brothels, etc.

– I want to ask Wirathu that how many percent of Myanmar Muslim men practices polygamy or has more than one wife that he wants to ban it? Does it reach hardly 0.01% or less?

– Islam is the only religion that urges to marry only ONE. Polygamy is not the basic option. It’s a solution some problems. There are terms and conditions to apply.

– A woman has some natural conditions that make her incapable of satisfying her partner or to have sexual intercourse like menstruation, pregnancy, puerperium, menopause, etc. In such a condition, a man has two choices: to have a woman legally or to enjoy with public properties.

Is not what Islam brought to humanity the best solution to protect race?

Hijab: The problem in the Hijab is that, perhaps, Wirathu can’t enjoy looking at fully dressed-up woman. Hijab is nothing more than a woman’s dressing up fully and covering her body parts and not to wear sexy, unsocial, modern dress that can attract others. The Hijab is not even contradictory with the real Burmese tradition. To date, we see the modest Burmese women like to cover their body parts in social places and we see the schools female teachers in long sleeve. And the old women going to Buddhist temple are covered. Why the only Hijab becomes a dust in his eyes.

As a monk, it is absurdity for Wirathu to speak in women issues, for the Buddha didn’t give the monks the right to enjoy any physical pleasure especially the sexual pleasures.  So, it is impossible for him to understand a woman’s feeling and nature so that he can decide or judge about the women.

Qurbani: If Wirathu is so concerned by the animal rights, he should not demonstrate against Qurbani in Islam, instead, against all the Burmese communities who kill pigs, other non-vegetarian religious communities and almost the whole humanity how eat flesh. And also Qurbani is not an enjoyment of the rich. The beauty of Islam here is that it is a kindness to the poor who are not affordable of sacrificing an animal. Because as per the qurbani rules, two third of the slaughtered animal must be donated to the poors.

It’s also proved scientifically that Muslim slaughtering system is much comfortable for the animal than killing it by stabbing or else.

Jihad: All the wars in Islamic history are defensive not offensive. (See Quran 2:190-193) It’s quite prohibited in Islam to force others to accept Islam. (See Quran 2:256) Even the defensive wars are not obligatory until you have equal power to the enemy to defend yourself. Otherwise Islam urges to take patience.

In the Aljazeera Genocide Agenda video, Wirathu claims that Muslims provoke the unrest. When he was asked why should they start the violence when they are suffering more? Wirathu replied, “They were indoctrinated. If they sacrifice their lives, they would go to paradise… they were inflicted to the desire to die. They were inflicted with a disease that made them want to be martyrs.”

It is a clear misunderstanding or pretending to misunderstand. The Holy Quran states: Don’t throw yourself into destruction with your own hands. (Quran 2:195)  

So, Dying by fighting with a more powerful is considered self-destruction and suicide which is a major sin in Islam that leads to the Hell. Of course the self-destruction is the means to achieve Nibbāna not Jannah.

The God (Allah vs The Devas)

The Muslims have a qualified god, who is Alfa and Omega, Almighty, Eternal unlike the unqualified gods of Buddhism who are subjected to birth, death and other sufferings of samsaric existence and have to be reborn as human to reach Nibbāna. To sum up, Buddhists made their gods, where as the God made the Muslims.

The Book (Quran vs Tipitaka)

We have a book of facts and realities in a unique version, the Holy Qur’an, the word of God, revealed to the Mettayya Myhammad. This is not a book myths, legends and superstitions in several versions; conjecture of a human authored by men. This is the Book of miracles that challenges the mankind to produce a like of it (Quran 17:88); ten chapters (Quran 11:13) or at least a chapter (Quran 2:23).

There are so many editions in Tipitaka and Burmese version is distinguished by some additional parts. For example, the 2nd division of Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka consists of 5 Nikayas (collections), the fifthe Nikaya (Khuddaka) consisting 15 books. But extra 3 books are added in the Burmese edition. Is it the condition of Wirathu’s sacred book?

The enlightened (Muhammad vs Guatama)

We have the Prophet Mohammad the pride of humanity, who was enlightened by the Creator of the universes, and the teachings he brought are revealed by that Creator.

In contrary, The Buddha is said to be enlightened, but enlightened by whom? So it is called ‘self-enlightened’. It means self-claimed as ‘the Buddha’. The teachings brought by the Buddha are products of a human intellect, and it can’t be free from conjectures because of the limitedness of human intellect within mundane things. The so-called Noble Silence of Buddha in the issues of the Arahant death, the world’s origin and its eternality is the best proof.

The Law (Sharia vs Dhamma)

Islamic Shariah, which Wirathu is calling for a change in, is the most comprehensive code of living, that refers to a set of rules, regulations, teachings and values that not only governs a public life but also many facets of one’s personal life, which is quite contrary to how it is described by Wirathu, which covers every aspects and dimensions of life. This Sharia embraces worship, conduct and creed, and it also embraces the political, social and economic, as well as other spheres.

On the other hand, the Dhamma is known to be a mere ethical system with destructive asterism and a sophisticated version of suicide, lacking worship, for to whom worship will be offered while there is no supreme god!

The principle Dhamma teaching is self-contradictory. Because the four noble truths are:

  1. Life is suffering
  2. Cause of suffering is desire
  3. Suffering can be removed by removing desire
  4. Desire can be removed by following the eight fold path – the path to Nibbāna

So, one should have desire to follow the path to Nibbāna. It means he should have desire to remove the desire.

A Glad Tiding for Wirathu

Finally, I would like to bring a glad tiding to Wirathu that the coming Buddha Metteyya (Loving-Kindness) mentioned in the Cakkavatti-Sīhanāda Sutta (Digha Nikaya 26) and in Buddhavamsa (Khuddaka Nikāya: 14) reading “I [Gautama Buddha] at the present time am the Self-Awakened One, and there will be Metteyya….” has already arisen before in 7th century AD in Mecca, who was MOHAMMAD, because Allah addresses the Prophet Mohammad in the Holy Qurán, “And We have not sent you except as a Mercy (Loving-kindness) for the worlds.” (Qur’an 21:107). He is also described as “Kind and Merciful” (Qur’an 9:128).

After all, does Wirathu want idol-worship from us like him?

qutub shahQutub Shah is a student of Comparative Religions and currently a post-graduate student at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The challenge for debate is made by him and doesn’t necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Rohingya Vision TV. He can be reached at:

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By December 14, 2015 13:29

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