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Displaced Rohingyas To Face Forced Relocations

Displaced Rohingyas To Face Forced Relocations
June 22
10:42 2013

June 22, 2013

Pauktaw, Arakan– Many internally displaced Rohingyas from unprotected and low-lying camps of Nget Chaung in the Pauktaw Township moved to the Sin Htet Maw camps of the same township ahead of the Mahasen cyclone last May. They have been facing starvation and several diseases since then. Now, they are possibly to face forced relocations, too, sooner rather than later.

“At 9AM on 20th June 2013, a female officer from the Arakan state ministry of U Hla Maung Sein together some UNHCR officials came to the (Sin Htet Maw) Camps. She ordered us (displaced people from Nget Chaung) to move to our previous camps within two weeks. If we don’t move, then, she told us they will use brutal force for that. And we don’t want to go there” said a worried displaced Rohingya.

When asked why they don’t want to move, he said “there are some tents being built in Nget Chaung. They are confined by iron fence. There will be only one gate for both entrance and exit. They will not let us move out of the confined area for our daily needs. If they do, it will be only one person a family.

Besides, they can beat, torture, humiliate and starve us in the confined area. They can rape our women. All kinds of atrocities can be carried silently and without the knowledge of international community. In fact, it is already happening against Rohingyas in many parts of Arakan. They are like prisons, concentration camps or extermination camps. We are extremely worried.”

Now, Rakhine extremists as well as the government of Myanmar have changed their strategy of open and quick Genocide of Rohingyas and other Muslims in Burma into a hidden and slow one. Genocide will continue until Muslims are wiped out unless effective and practical steps are taken to stop it.

Pauktaw Township (Credit: Google Map)



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