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Deserted Rohingya House Set Ablaze

By RVision TV Correspondent | March 9, 2017

Maungdaw — A deserted Rohingya house was set ablaze by unknown assailants at Du’dan (Ludain) village in northern Maungdaw around 12:30 AM today (on March 9), it has been reported.

The house belonged to, Noor Alam(40), s/o Noor Hussein, whose three family members were killed in a rampant shooting by a Myanmar military gun-boat while fleeing the violence in northern Maungdaw and crossing ‘the Naff River’ in early November 2016. The house has remained empty since then.

“We have heard gun-shots around midnight. When we looked around, we came to know that the military were firing and saw the abandoned house of Mr. Noor Alam was burning. And it got totally burnt down. Later, in the morning, the officials from the military, the BGP and other departments came to investigate and left the place.

“The house owner is not around the village now after three of his family members were killed by the Myanmar military in November, 2016”, said a villager on the condition of anonymity.

The locals suspect that the military could be behind the burning of the deserted house as no one except for the military can move or roam around in the region around the time late at night. The military and the BGP have been harrassing the locals and creating problems for them since they refused to accept the NV Card (the National Verification Card).

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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