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Date:-December 04, 2016


A demonstration against the Genocide of Rohingyas in Arakan/Rakhine state by Myanmar Govt. and its brutal security forces was held jointly by the Barisal Divisional Association USA and World Rohingya Organization ( WRO )  at the Diversity Plaza, Jackson Heights, New York on December 04, 2016 ( Sunday ) from 5 pm to 7 pm. with various colorful Banners and placards.

Mr.Mohiuddin Mohamad-Yusof, the President of the World Rohingya Organization was the  keynote speaker and H.M Lutfar Rahman Sikder (LATU),president of the  Barisal Divisional Association USA ,Ex-President Mahbubur Rahman,Monzur Murshed-Vice President ,Abu Talib Khan-General secretary.,Masud Rana-office secretary, Zuhurul Islam-treasurer,Zakir  Hossain-Organizing Secretary,Zahid Hossain-Advisor, Ex-Awami League Brahmanbaria Zila leader  Nurul Batin , Helenur Rahman-Audit, Mahmuda Zahir-Women Affairs Secretary,Alamgir Hossain-Advisor  respectively from the Barisal Divisional Association USA actively participated and gave speeches.

Mr.Sanowar Masum from the World Rohingya Organization recited a POEM for the Rohingyas  titled as LONG MARCH TO ARAKAN.

There was slogan from the crowd and participants to stop the Rohingya Genocide immediately.
The speakers in demonstration strongly condemned the ongoing genocide of Rohingyas, extrajudicial killings of Rohingyas disregarding men,women and children , babies and pregnant women, shooting innocent civilians, using rape as weapon of clearing operation.destruction of properties,paddy field and houses, burning villages, destroying the places of worships (Masajids and Madrasas), arresting thousands of Rohingya youths and torturing on fabricated blame of connection with insurgents.

The demonstration leaders demanded Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Counsellor and Foreign minister of Myanmar Government to take immediate action to cease all forms of violence and ethnic cleansing
They also demanded from the UN, OIC, US ,ASEAN and EU , Governments for intervention to stop Genocide , and send UNSC peacekeeping forces to Arakan through the UN investigation to save Rohingyas in Arakan, Myanmar.

They also urge Bangladesh Government to open the border and give temporary sanctuary and shelter to the Rohingya refugees fleeing the persecution from Myanmar.

They also call upon all people and world Governments as well as NGOs to come forward  and raise their strong voices against Myanmar Govt.’s state sponsored terrorism disregarding race ,religion and color on the basis of one human family spirit and show of respect to the Universal Declaration of Human rights and human dignity.

Prepared by;
H.M Lutfar Rahman Sikder (LATU)
President-  Barisal Divisional Association USA
New York
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