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Death-Tolls Rising as Burmese Military on Rohingya Killing Spree

By RVision Correspondents
RVision TV News

Maungdaw – Some identified groups of assailants raided the Head Quarter of Burmese Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) in Maungdaw and two other camps – one at Ngakura in Maungdaw and another at ‘Koe Tan Kauk’ in Ratehdaung – and got away with the weapons belonged to the BGP in early yesterday morning.
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Post the incidents — which is high likely to be false flag events to commit more extrajudicial killings of the Rohingya — the state of emergency was declared in yesterday evening and the Burmese Military took control of the region. Since then, the military started raiding Rohingya villages, indiscriminately firing on and killing the innocent Rohingya civilians; and arbitrarily arresting them and detaining them incommunicado.

Since this early morning, the following numbers of people are reported to have been killed, injured or arbitrarily arrested.

I – At Myo Thu Gyi (Ha’indaa Fara) village in Maungdaw Township,
Civilians killed: 7
1) Mohammed Hussain (son of) Kamaal
2) Mohammed Ayas (son of) Kamaal
3) Mujibur Rahman (son of) Abdu Manaf
4) Nizamuddin (son of) Noor Hussain
5) Nooru (son of) Nazir Ahmed [in its hamlet, ‘Soum Mo’inna (Thaung Paing Nya)]
6) ? (son of) Lambaa Yunos [in its hamlet, ‘Soum Mo’inna (Thaung Paing Nya)]
7) Naagu (son of) Kadir [in its hamlet, ‘Soum Mo’inna (Thaung Paing Nya)]

II – At U Kye Kyar (Bura Shidda Fara) village in Maungdaw Township (between 10:00AM to 12:00 Noon,
Civilians killed: 2
1) Abu Toyub (son of) Noor Alam
2) Riadhwan (son of) Mohammed Ali
Civilians Injured – 7

III – At Hasar Bil (Auk Phyu Ma) village in Maungdaw Township [around 01:00PM]
Arbitrarily Arrested: 4
1) Makhtul Husain (son of) Nesar Ahmed
2) Sajid (son of) Makhtul Husain (son of the person at No.1)
3) Hadis Shariff (son of) ???
4) Ahmed Kabir (son of) ???
5) Mohamed Hashim (son of) Lal Meah

IV – Khawar Bil (Kyi Kan Pyin) village, where the BGP Headquarter is located, was raided by the military from 8:00AM to 12:00Noon. How many civilians killed, injured or arrested is unknown yet.


– Around 2:00PM 9/10/2016 (Myanmar Time) — Mv Abdu Shukkur, 47, from ‘Domsay Fara’ hamlet of ‘Koe Tan Kauk’ village tract, was killed by the Myanmar Military during a random fire.

– After 10:00PM 9/10/2016 (Myanmar Time) – During the raid in ‘Wa Peik’ village by the Border Guard Police and the Military, following innocent villagers have been severely injured by the military bullets.

– 3:00PM (Myanmar Time) 10/10/2016 – The Burmese Military started ‘Bohmuu’ hamlet of Quarter 4 with heavy weaponries. The men went into hiding. Hearing that they military indiscriminately fired on the civilians and killed them in Myo Thu Gyi village.

– Nine dead people from Ngakura were taken to the Maungdaw hospital for autopsy this early morning.

– Rohingya shops were closed and the Rakhines along with the Hindus are planning to loot them.

– 2:00PM (Myanmar Time) 10/10/2016 — Two big houses have been burnt down by the military at ‘Kyauk Pyin Seik’ village. One of the houses belong to ‘R Hussein (son of) Baaser, 47. Some of the homes and properties were looted by the military too.

– 2:50PM (Myanmar Time) 10/10/2016 — As the people from nearby villages came to rescue the villagers in ‘Kyauk Pyin Seik’ from the attack, military retreated to nearby Rakhine village ‘Kan Pyin.’

– 2:40PM (Myanmar Time) 10/10/2016 – Security measures have been beefed up along the Naff River and Bangladesh-Myanmar.

– Around 3:30PM (Myanmar Time) – The Burmese military will raid ‘Kyi Kan Pyin’ and ‘Myo Thu Gyi’ village once again tonight, according to the reports. The villagers feel they will face another horrible incident like those in 2012 and during ‘Du Chira Dan’ crisis in early 2014.

– Around 4:30PM (Myanmar Time) – The Military helicopters are flying over the Rohingya villages in Southern Maungdaw.

– Around 6 military trucks have arrived from ‘Merullah (Myint Hlut)’ village in southern Maungdaw and stopped by the BGP camp in ‘Pan Taw Pyin’ village.


We will keep updating you as the atrocities continue to occur. Please keep watching this space for updates.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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