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Death toll from Rohingya Boat Capsize to reach over 100

By Rohingya Vision TV | 30th September, 2017

Cox’sbazar, Bangladesh: Dozens of Rohingyas lost their lives in the deadly sea journey from Akyab (Sittwe) to Bangladesh, fleeing the horrific lives of concentration camps on 29th September 2017, reports some rescuers from the scene.

The boat capsized off near the shore of Bangladesh after reaching the Inani shore of Cox’sbazar district, Bangladesh carrying more than a 100 of Rohingya.

According to our sources more than 25 are confirmed to be dead. And “more 40 are missing and presumed drowned,” a spokesman for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) told reporters in Geneva.

On Friday (29th September,2017), bodies, including children and new born babies, continued to float to the shoreline. “They drowned before our eyes. Minutes later, the waves washed the bodies to the beach,” said Mohammad Sohel, a shopkeeper.

According to the rescuers more corpses are expected to be recovered and the funeral of the 25 dead Rohingyas was completed with the help of the locals.

Up till now death toll from the boat capsizing incidences reached nearly hundred with the earlier incidences of August and September, 2017. In late August a boat capsized and killed 49 Rohingyas and other killed a dozen in early September, while fleeing ongoing Military operations in the region.

Burmese Military’s brutal operations on innocent civilians have killed 1000s and now their inhumane cruelty have reached to such an extent, where their threats are enough to evacuate any village or force to lose their lives in the deadly sea journey.

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