RVISION September 10, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV| 10th Sept,2017

Arakan: Shooting on Rohingya civilians, whom are forced to flee to Bangladesh continues. Where many Rohingyas were either killed or injured from Buthidaung, yesterday (10th Sept, 2017), according to an eye witness.

Today (11th Sept, 2017) at 12 pm Military ordered the villagers of Saufarang to evacuate  the entire village. Military threatened that if they see any Rohingya left in the village after 1 pm, their fate might be unknown. And after such terrific statement Rohingyas started to evacuate the village and are in extreme vulnerable situations

In the incidence yesterday Military besieged the villages of Saufarang, Shabbazar and Seofarang in Buthidaung, where villagers were restricted even to move in out of their houses, leaving them in extreme panic. Following the incidence many were trying to flee the situation, where they were caught and looted by the military personnel.

Later on the same day in Balukhali village of Buthidaung, Military started to shoot on the innocent civilians leaving them critically injured and killed many. Where a victim corpse was still heard to be in the paddy field, on the place where he was shot to death.

Earlier on 10th September 2017, from Saufarang, Buthidaung Military arrested 8 innocent Rohingyas and are still in incommunicado. On the same evening military burnt down the entire village of Raimmurbill in Maungdaw, leaving villagers in extremely terrified situation.

Burning down of villages and shooting on Rohingya civilians still continued in the third week of mass unrest, where Rohingyas are still waiting for a durable solution from International community as they left hope from the brutal Burmese regime.

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