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Day 4: Rohingya and Population Census in Arakan

2nd April 2014,


1- Sittwe (Akyab) Township, Arakan State

This morning, a team of census enumerators, of course with big group of security force and military as usual, visited the Rohingya IDP camps in the village of Thakkay-Pyin of Sittwe (Akyab) township. Authority threatened the displaced Rohingyas “if you agree to be registered as Bengali, we will provide you food and other necessary rations right now. Otherwise, we will cut off your channels to foods and medicines permanently.” Hence, to which an incharge of the camps replied “where on earth are we having enough food now? We are starving. The power of feeding someone or keeping someone starved is not in the hands of human beings but God. If you want to cut off channels providing rations to us, then do it. We won’t accept ‘Bengali,’ a term that is not related to us. We had better die as Rohingyas.” Therefore, the team left the village without surveying the census.

According to a latest report, at the displaced camps, officials from WFP, UNDP, UNFPA and UNOCHA, international reporters, locals and the displaced Rohingyas had a meeting afterwards.

A conversation between a Police personnel and a Rohingya child at the camps that you should read:

Police: What’s your name?

Child: Maung Rohingya (‘Maung’ is used as a title for a boy in Burmese as Mr. Ms. MS are used in English).

Police: What’s your father’s name?

Child: U Rohingya (‘U’ is a title for man)

Police: What’s your mother’s name?

Child: Daw Rohingya (‘Daw’ is title for woman)

Police: What’s your ethnicity?

Child: Rohingya

Police: What’s your religion?

Child: Rohingya Islam

And the Police officer left the place saying “even you children have become Rohingya-maniac.” (Ro Myochit Report)


– A crew of Sittwe Township Administrator, 100 Military, 300 Police personnel, 300 Census Enumerators and others arrived at DarPaing IDP Camps and Khon Dugga IDP camps in Sittwe (Akyab) township at 8:00AM today. They inquired the people at the camps of their ethnicity. When the people replied ‘Rohingya,’ they left the place no further questions.

They left these IDP camps for the camps at the village of Bawdu Pa at 11:00AM. They asked the same thing to the people, the people replied ‘Rohingya.’ The crew was just sitting and doing nothing. Therefore, a Rohingya asked a member of crew “why are not you asking any more questions and filling up the form?” The crew member answered nothing. The crew of the enumerators left the Bawdu Pa camps at 2:15PM today. (Saed Arkani Report)


2- Pauktaw Township, Arakan State

-This morning, a group of Township Administrator, Township Police Cheif, Township Immigration Chief , Military, Security Force and Census Enumerators arrived the IDP camps at the village of Nget-Chaung. Then, they summoned four incharges of Rohingya IDP representing the people from four different villages. They said “we came here to carry out population. Do you agree to be registered as Bengali?” They replied “we have to discuss with our people in that regard and will get you back soon.” Incharges of Rohingya IDP discussed with the people. People didn’t agree to be registered as Bengali. So, the incharges said “our people disagree to be registered as Bengali but only Rohingya.” So, the census team left without carrying out the census. (HD Report)


3- Maungdaw Township, Arakan State

– This morning, a group of census enumerators, military and security force visited the Rohingya village of Du Nyaung Pin Gyi (Shaira Fara) in southern Maungdaw. They entered in three houses and inquired the women in the houses of the names of the heads of the households. The asked the group whether or not they would regiter them as Rohingya. The group replied that the didn’t have permission to do so. The women, in turn, said they would not provide their family details. Therefore, as usual, the goup left the village without carrying out census.


– In the morning, another group of the cenus enumerators, 25 military personnel, two lorry loads of Security Force (Hlun Htein) entered the village of Duchiradan (Kilaidaung) to survey census on the villagers. [Duchiradan is a village, where hundreds of Rohingyas (Children, Women, Men, Olds alike) were massacred and households were destroyed by Rakhine (Magh) terrorists in cooperation with Security Force and Police in January 2014.] Military chased a few people as they entered the village. The people fled towards the nearby village of Gawdusara.

The census enumerators asked the women in many households to provide the details of the households. The women “if you register us as Rohingya according to the standard set by the government, then we will provide. Else, we won’t.” In some households, they try to squeeze some details from their members asking “at least give us some information first. “But the members asked back “you write down ‘Rohingya’ first, then we will provide.” Thus, all of them left soon afterwards (around 12:00 noon of the day).

Then, they visited the western part of Duchiradan and received the same responses from the people. Besides, a number of Rohingya children chanted “We are Rohingya….We are Rohingya….” before the group. (Maung Naing Soe Report)


– One crew of census enumerators together with security force visited in each of the following Rohingya villages in northern Maungdaw this morning.

(1) Ngakura (Nagpura)

(2) Dudan (Lo Daing) (where 7 Rohingya shops were burnt down recently)

(3) Ye Dwin Pyin (Kowarbil)

In every village, they asked Rohingyas if they wanted to be registered as Bengali. Rohingyas demanded to be registered as Rohingya. Therefore, the crews left the respective villages. (BH MYARF report)


4- Kyauktaw Township, Arakan State

This morning, a group of 35 military members, 35 Police Force, 35 Security Force, 35 Immigration officers and 35 census enumerators visited the village of Kaung Douk (Hon Daul) of Kyauktaw township. Instead of summoning and gathering people in one place and asking their details as they did in earlier days, today, they visited from a house to a house. But the census team refused Rohingyas to register as ‘Rohingya,’ Rohingyas, too, didn’t provide their details. Therefore, the team left the villages like any other Rohingya villages in Arakan. (Kadir Report)


5- Buthidaung Township, Arakan State

Around 8:30AM today, a team of census enumerators together with Police and Security Force visited the village of Pyaung Chaung (Lo Dyin Fara) to survey census on the villagers. As usual, Rohingyas were not allowed to be registered as Rohingyas. Hence, Rohingyas refused to provide their family datae. And the team left the village around 12:30PM without carrying out their task. In other villages in the township, similar situations took place. (BH MYARF Report)

*More to be updated soon. Stay with us!

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