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Cyclone Mora Hit Restricted Arakan state and Left Rohingyas in dilemma

By RVision TV | 30th May 2017

Arakan: Cyclone Mora has hit restricted Arakan state as well, where Rohingyas were uninformed by the government, leading to heavy loss of property and made Rohingyas homeless in all over the Arakan (Rakhine) State including the Concentrated camps in Akyab, According to reports from the locals.

Cyclone Mora had caused heavy flooding in the areas, restricted movement of people from their houses and made hundreds of Rohingya homeless in the concentrated camps and well as in Maugdaw and Buthidaung townships reports RVISION correspondents.

The devastating situation started from last night, where cyclone is beating at more than 150 miles/hour. And is expected to cause more loss of property and make lives of Rohingyas horrible, whom are already living in ghettos.

According to latest reports received from Buthidaung township, flooding is at its peak since 08:00 AM and is expected to rise more and more along with heavy wind.

In Maungdaw our correspondents reports of heavy wind and property damage, And due to the heavy wind and rainfall amount of damage is far from calculations.

Moreover locals are suffering heavily with destructed homes, where no reports have been yet received of any form of humanitarian assistance provided to the Rohingyas by the government even in this dilemma.



(Destructed Kyauk Taloone IDP camp, Kyauk Phyu Township, Arakan State)


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