RVISION September 4, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV | 4th Sept 2017

Arakan: Rohingya villages of Arakan are still burning in Military massacre going on. Remaining houses and villages are heard to be burnt as well according to the latest updates received.

Yesterday military burnt down some houses in Mungnama, Ludaing, Hasshurata & Kuansibong villages of Maungdaw. Especially in Kuansibong village they burnt down 12 selective houses.

Today since early morning Military started to torch the remaining houses of Hasarbil, Sammboinna, Wacshha, Fawhali, Saindafara, & Zammoinna villages of Maungdaw.

In Rathedaung 18 villages, near the Mayu River have been completely torched to ashes since 25th August, 2017. Displaced villagers are still hiding in the jungles and hilly areas in extreme inhumane condition. They urged and are looking forward for any form of humanitarian and medical assistance. And according to latest updates received, Rohingyas there have already reached the peak of starvation, where many elderly and children have died due to the harsh living conditions and hunger.

Moreover villagers from kiyangdong have taken shelter in nearby village of Firingdong, whose houses were torched earlier by the Military and Moghs. In Cuapprang, Maungdaw more than 300 house along with religious school and Mosque have been burnt to ashes, where 152 innocent Rohingyas lost their lives and 95 were critically injured. Whom are heard to be lingering with life and death and are in need of emergency medical assistance.

In Buthidaung, 3 more villages have been effected. One of them is Sandifrang village, where whole market and 60 houses were burnt completely. Secondly in Gudamfara more than 300 houses were burnt down and in Dummafara 13 homes were burnt as well. Further casualties are yet unknown for the ongoing fire and communication issues.

Earlier in northern side of Buthidaung, Mokbil, Hán Samma, Monu Fara, Pong daw Prang, Noiya Fara, Mazir Fara, bogoli cong, mingizi, firhali, sangana, tongbazar, rammya fara, guna fara, cang tong, taami, padaka oukzu villages have been torched, burning down more than 100s of houses in each villages. Displaced villagers of these villages are living in humane condition in the area of Tami, with the hope of crossing over to Bangladesh. They are in extremely trapped situation now as they cannot either cross over to Bangladesh or get back to their villagers, because of the military and newly in fluxed Moghs.

Rohingyas who managed to enter Bangladesh border are extremely suffering without any form of humanitarian assistance, where up till now 18 children died due to hunger and malnutrition.

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