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Current Situation of Kaman Muslims in Thandwe Township

Compiled by M.S. Anwar |

October 3, 2013

Rakhine terrorists backed by Security Force (Hlun Htein) and Military continuously attacked Kaman Muslims and their properties in Thandwe Township from 11AM to 9:30PM on 1st October 2013. Security Force shot at the defending Muslims and confiscated the knives and the sword that they had for their defense. And the security force let Rakhine terrorists attack Muslims to their hearts’ content. As of now, the situation in the township has calmed down. And no Muslim is allowed to move or travel. Many are taking refuge in jungles and forests where there no food and shelter.

The government has sent some military to control the situation as it has been learnt. However, the security was provided only after letting Rakhine terrorists do what they had wanted to. Attacks by Rakhine terrorists afflicted Kaman community in Thandwe Tsp with the losses of lives and properties. Below are some compilations of the losses faced by Kaman Muslims on 1st October 2013.

1) In the village of Thabbru-Chaing, 42 houses were burnt down, one 150-year-old ancient mosque together with Madrasaa (religious school) was razed. Six people are found dead (five men and one woman), while 19 people are missing. These 19 people are also highly believed to have been killed and their bodies been destroyed. The bodies of the Muslims found dead were filled with wounds caused by swords and bullets.

These six people are “1) Daw Khin Kyi (a 96-year-old woman), 2) U Abdu Meah (a 60-year-old man), 3) U Abdu Samad (86-year-old man), 4) Ko Khin Zaw (50-year-old man), 5) Ko Myin Lwin (45-year-old man) and 6) U Yusuf (Age?).” (Source: Myanmar Muslim Media- MMM)

The terrorists that started attacks on Mulims in the village of Thabbru-Chaing were from the neighboring village, Sing-Gaung. Later, the local Rakhines in the village also joined the terrorists from Sing-Gaung. Most of the Rakhines in the village of Sing-Gaung originated to Bangladesh and settled in the region two-three decades ago.

“2) In the village of Mae’-Chun of Aung-Mingalar-Gun village tract, Rakhine terrorirsts burnt down 10 houses owned by Kaman Muslims. The owners of the houses are as follow. 1) Daw Wazi (woman), 2) Daw Khin Htin (Woman), 3) U Myint Wai (Man, the village administrator), 4) U Khin Aung (Man), 5) U Nga Ni Ye (Man), 6) U Ibrahim (Man), 7) U Aung San Min (Man), 8) U Htin Nyunt (Man), 9) U Win Tun (Man) and 10) U Thein Lwin (Man).

Besides, one Muslim called U Maagy (Man) was killed by Rakhine terrorists in the village. The authority has not allowed his remaining familiy memebers to have his dead body buried. The dead body is still there where he was killed.” (Source:Myanmar Muslim Media- MMM)

In the village of Pauktaw, Rakhine terrorists burnt down 32 houses owned by Muslims, while some shops were also said to have been razed. One man and one woman were reported to have been killed. Besides, Rakhine terrorists looted many Muslim houses in the village.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that around 4-6 houses in each village- Shwe Hlay and Hlin Thi- were also burnt down or destroyed.

“While on 30th Septemebr 2013, Rakhine terrorists burnt down the following houses.

1) At around 7PM, the house of U Htun Htin (a kamam Muslim) at the western ‘Bawdi-Gun-Si’ in Quarter 6

2) At around 7PM, a chicken farm owned by U Khin Maung Tun (a kaman Muslim) at ‘Ka-Gyi’ Quarter along No.2 road at ‘Dwara-Waddy Kuat Thit’ of Ann-Taw quarter.

3) At around 8:30PM, the fuel (petrol and diesel etc) shop at ‘Dwara-Waddy Kuat Thit’ owned by U Ko Gyi Maung (a kaman Muslim)

4) At around 9:00PM, the house of Ko Abdullah (a kaman Muslim) at Quarter 5.” (Report by Myanmar Muslim Media- MMM).

Sources: Reports from Thandwe Township

Myanmar Muslim Media (MMM)

Note: It is not a complete compilation yet.

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Below are some pictures of the Muslims from Thabbru-Chaing, who were brutally killed by Rakhine terrorists.

Daw Khin Kyi (a 96-year-old woman)

Daw Khin Kyi (a 96-year-old woman)

U Abdu Meah (a 60-year-old man)
U Abdu Meah (a 60-year-old man)
U Abdu Samad (86-year-old man)
U Abdu Samad (86-year-old man)
Ko Myin Lwin (45-year-old man)
Ko Myin Lwin (45-year-old man)
Ko Khin Zaw (50-year-old man)
Ko Khin Zaw (50-year-old man)

About the Pictures: RvisionTV does not claim ownership of the photos used above. The photos are copied and pasted here from Myanmar Muslim Media.