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Current Situation of Kaman Muslims in Than Dwe

Current Situation of Kaman Muslims in Than Dwe
July 02
13:21 2013

July 2, 2013

-Currently, the situation in Than Dwe Township is stable. It has calmed down since yesterday afternoon.

– The imposition of Curfew Order under section 144 restricts the movements of only Muslims, not that of Rakhines.

– In total, 23 Kaman Muslim houses were destroyed. (8 houses were burnt down and 15 houses located among Rakhines’ houses were vandalized.)

– Untold numbers of motor vehicles owned by Kaman Muslims, wherever they were found, were either destroyed or burnt down.

– Around 30 Kaman Muslims were injured. The number of the injured Kamans is less by a few numbers than it was earlier reported.

– Schools have been reopened but Muslim parents are afraid of sending their children to school.

– Rakhine terrorists directly backed by Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) and 969 terrorist gangs and indirectly supported by some government officials threatened to burn down the central mosque in Than Dwe Township.

Than Dwe Downtown (Credit: Google Map)

Than Dwe Downtown (Credit: Google Map)


This is how the violence took place!

As suspected, it turned to be a well-planned conspiracy by RNDP and 969 terrorists backed by the regime. This below account of the violence was reported by local Kaman Muslim of Than Dwe.
“On 39th June 2013 afternoon, two local Kaman Muslims of Than Dwe, on their taxi-bikes, were carrying two Rakhine women from a rural village called Shwe Lay located at the northern Than Dwe to the downtown. These two women are, in the town, known to be characterless sex-workers. On the way to the downtown, they got off from the bikes saying they had to go for micturition.
Having gone out of sight of the two Kaman taxi-biker boys, they tore off their own clothes and lodged complaints to Police of being raped by the two boys. Consequently, the Police arrested and detained the two boys. After a while, more than 50 Rakhine terrorists led by 969 Rakhine Terrorist Franchise leader Kyaw Kyaw, surrounded the police to demand to hand over the two boys so that they could punish them by their own hands. Police refused to fulfill their demands and drove them away.
On their way back, they started harming Kaman Muslims in the quarter of Ann-Taw and destroying their properties. Authority, initially, did nothing to stop Rakhine terrorists. In the end, they took action only after considerable damages had been done to Kaman Muslims and their properties. We don’t know what our future holds yet.”



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