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Cox’s Bazar: Rohingya Refugees Abused & Beaten in Denial for Accepting SmatCrads

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 20th September 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Rohingya refugees in makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar have been forced to accept the UNHCR smartcards by Bangladeshi authorities through beatings and abuses yesterday (19th Sept), complains several Rohingya in extremely terrifying condition.

Several Rohingya sheltering in Shalbagan makeshift camps were forced to accept the UNHCR smartcards and they reported cases of tortures and abuses.

Multiple video testimonies from male, female and elderly Rohingya were received and victims explained that they were forced to accept the UNHCR printed smartcards.

“After we are forced out from our country, we are also tortured here,” explains a tortured Rohingya.

Another victim says “It is not clear why we are given this card, so we are scared that we might be deceived again like NVC (National Verification Card) which were forcefully given in Burma”.

[Images of victims taken from video testimonies in Shalbagan Refugee camp. Image: RVISION TV]

Reports of force, torture, and abuse were reported from several victims and Rohingya in camps are extremely terrified for the upcoming days.

“We have been guarded and protected very well by the Bangladeshi army since our arrival. If we were guarded by the Bangladeshi army, we would not face this torture,” says another victim.

Bangladeshi soldiers distribute rice to young Rohingya refugees at the refugee camp of Balukhali near Gumdhum. Image: AFP

Refugees in the camps are in extreme fear and they urged for immediate actions towards the ongoing abuses in the camps.

They also think, higher UNHCR authorities and Bangladeshi gov’t officials have no knowledge of the current camps’ situation.

Thereby, gov’t officials including UNHCR could be more aware of the camps’ situations and educate the refugees about the purpose of their smart cards, in order to avoid any unintended abusive incident on the suffering Rohingya.

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