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Corrupted Officials Worsen Aid Distribution in Refugee Camps

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 9th January 2017

Cox’s Bazaar: Local corrupted officers and area administrators have worsen the condition of the Rohingya refugee residing in all makeshift camps of Bangladesh, report sufferers.

Local Bangladeshi officers and area administrators of different organizations like World Food Program (WFP), International organization of Migration (IOM) and other aid agencies have made lives of the miserable Rohingyas more worst in all most all the areas of newly makeshift camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.

Rohingya refugees in those areas are suffering badly with lack of ration cards that is unevenly distributed by the bribe acceptance of the corrupted officials and due to the mounting cold in winter lack of proper clothing, medication, etc have left them in complete dilemma.

In most of the areas like Kutupalong, Thenghali and Balukhali, area administrators are also interrupting the ration distribution, where they are heard to be providing more than 1 ration card to families bribing them using different names of the family members.

Moreover many unrecognized and unnamed organizations are working in manipulating the minds of these newly arrived refugees, such as conversion of religion, culture and other suspicious activities in those areas and has created a matter of concern for the entire refugees residing there.

Taking advantage of the miserable condition of these newly arrived Rohingyas must be a concern now, as these are the people whom already suffered to their maximum and now in a foreign land they are still victimized.

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