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Corrupted Officials Make Rohingya’s Lives Unbearable

By Rohingya Vision Correspondents | 5th August 2018

Unciparanng: Rohingya residing in Uncipang Refugee camp of Cox’s bazaar, Bangladesh are facing severe tortures from a local Bangladeshi officer working for International Organization of Migration (IOM) as a team leader in the area, reports refugees yesterday (4th August 2018).

The local IOM officer along with his volunteers team are severely harassing and torturing the Rohingya in Unciparang camp. According to locals, he acts like a government official and tortures the Rohingya.

The World Food Programme (WFP) distributes enough rations and facilitates the distribution process, and large size Rohingya families were provided with two rations cards.


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Rohingya from those families says the culprit Bangladeshi officer started to snatch one ration cards from those Rohingya families and is using the cards for his own benefit.

Recently, when the team of IOM in the area rescued around 400 Rohingya families, whom were victims of first landslides. Corrupted officer forced each of these Rohingya to pay 800 Taka while shifting to free safe zone provided by the IOM.

In the same incident, he asked around 200 Rohingya to work day and night for 6-7 days in the relocation process by promising them to pay 400 Taka/day.

Later, when Rohingya refugees asked for their hard-earned money, he abused and threatened physical torture.


Newly arrived Rohingya Building shelters in Cox’sBazaar, Bangladesh in late 2017.


“Who will pay for the shelters you are going to stay here? So first pay for the shelters and then ask for anything,” shouted the Bangladeshi officer with aggression.

In this case, he illegally engulfed around 800,000 Taka which were allocated by IOM to pay the working Rohingya.

On Thursday (2nd August), the Bangladeshi Army called him for an investigation regarding the amount.

According to Rohingya in the area, he is still in Army custody and locals are still in fear of his release without getting punishment for his wrong doings.

Earlier many Rohingya appointed as area administrators were forced to quit their jobs when they refused to collaborate in his illegal activities.

In another free distribution program organized by IOM, he gave just half of a bamboo pole to each Rohingya along with 60 other useless small bamboos instead of original ones.


Starving Rohingyas (left) and Bamboo provided by UNHCR (right) in make shift camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Image: Rohingya Vision TV


A Bangladeshi NGO named as BRAC wanted to build some safe shelters for the suffering Rohingya at Unciparang camp, but because of his rejection, Rohingya could not be benefitted.

Not only BRAC, any NGO who wants to help Rohingya with any humanitarian relief are always barred to reach the Rohingya if they fail to convince him.

Beside this, many cases of abuse, harassments and tortures have been heard from the Rohingya refugees at Uncipang camp.

Locals says that if his cases are transferred from the Army investigation to the police, he can easily bribe them and get him released.


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Usually this sort of corruption and cases of abuse by the locally deployed officers go unreported and are kept in veil from the main operating officers.

Following those fears, Rohingya from Unciparang camp have urged Rohingya Vision TV to bring this issue to limelight, so that Bangladeshi government along with IOM operation chief in Bangladesh gets aware of it for immediate steps towards justice.

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