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Corrupted Area Officers Disrupts Ration Distribution in Rohingya Camps

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 29th September 2018

Coxsbazaar: A corrupted ex-in charge officer have disrupted ration distribution in more than 5 blocks of Shalbagan, Zadimura camp in Coxsbazaar area and affected nearly 4500 Rohingya families, reports a sufferer.

The ex-in charge officer of block: D-11, Shalbagan camp have ceased the ration distribution to 5 blocks in the area with his influential contacts at NGOs and demanded from each block a cash of 25000 taka as a bribe to receive the freely distributed food rations.

Rohingya refugee camps in Shalbagan, Zadimura camp on 28th Sept 2018. Image: RVISION TV

According to suffering Rohingya he was dismissed from his job after he was found guilty of taking bribes from the area in-charge officer by the Bangladeshi Army.

Although he is no more an in charge officer but with his previous contacts he is demanding from the area in charge officers a bribe of cash 25000 taka and have ceased the rations of five blocks since 25th March 2018.

The affected families from five block are 4441 families in total and are only able to receive limited rations from WFP and UNHCR.

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“He (ex-in charge office) collects our rations from ICRC, Solidarities International, Arora and other NGOs and sells to shops in Dumdumma area. We have proof of the place where he is selling those rations and those aid material,” explains an area in-charge officer from Zadimura area, asked not to be named.

Besides selling rations he was also spotted selling ration tokens to non-Rohingya, which are allocated only for the Rohingya and to receive the rations free of cost.

His abusive and bullying behavior have kept the Rohingya of Shalbagan in a stressed condition and are also starving, as they cannot survive with the limited rations they receive every month.

[An elderly Rohingya carrying a bunch of fire-woods (R) and a young Rohingay  spotted with his groceries (L) at Shalbagan, Zadimura camp on 28th Sept 2018. Image: RVISION TV]

Since 25 August 2017, nearly 800, 000 newly arrived Rohingay are sheltering in makeshift camps of Coxsbazar and even after losing their homes, they are in a continuous sufferings in one form or the other.

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