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The Rohingya, an ethnic group from Arakan, Myanmar (Burma) is one of the world most persecuted people in the world. They have being delisted from the Burmese Ethnic groups by the past military Junta just few years after independent of Burma. Since then the Burmese Military government has continued to exercise a systematic discriminatory and extremely abusive policy against the Rohingyas. All international human rights organization and agencies has documented the sufferings of the Rohingyas.
At the beginning of 2012 a group of Rohingya youth from various media background gathered with a view to create a media channel to bring awareness of the Rohingya issues and address the problems for an attainable solution.
Thus on 21 April 2012 Rvision (Rohingya Vision) was born.
On 28th May 2012 when the extremist Rakhine in collaboration with government officials started burning Rohingya houses, killing innocent kids and raping helpless women, RVision were successful in bringing a comprehensive coverage of the events through its network and was appraised by the Rohingya people.
Today RVision broadcast its various programs in Rohingya, Burmese, English and Arabic language.
Its videos and programs in YouTube are the most viewed videos amidst the Rohingya viewers.
RVision is an independent Media Channel and it is not affiliated with any political, governmental or religious organization. Its ultimate objective is to disseminate and document Rohingya news and issues and to empower Rohingya youth.


  • The Rohingya are a people who pride their existence and achievements amidst the nation of the world


  • To revive the culture and spirit of the Rohingyas throughout the world via the new media channels and social networking.


  • To create a vivid Rohingya media through developing various media programs
  • To bring awareness of the Rohingya crisis to the world
  • To promote the spirit of cooperation and coordination
  • To stop Rohingya from deviating to extremism
  • To promote peace and to pride on Rohingya’s Islamic identity
  • To train and develop Rohingyas in the media sector
  • To promote Rohingya genius and outstanding people
  • To promote Rohingya culture, history and civilization among the Rohingya youth
  • To document Rohingya history and events

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