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Conspiracies and Tripartite Media Propaganda Against Rohingyas

M.S. Anwar | September 3, 2013

India is one of the many countries with vast strategic geo-political interests in Arakan, Myanmar. India has invested in Arakan a lot and there are billions of potential investments to come. Some observers say India, too, for its own gains, is indirectly involved in the ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas annd Kamans in Arakan. Although this claim is a subject to debate, yet what one can obviously see today is that a tripartite media campaign (involving Indian Media, Bangladesh Media and Myanmar Media) is taking place against Rohingya community in Arakan and abroad. How Myanmar government conspires to scapegoat Rohingyas for political gains and its domestic media propagate anti-Muslim hatred and spread false reports no longer need explanations.

Crucial For India's Energy Security, Myanmar-Bangladesh-India Gas Pipeline Project (Source: Irrawady News)
Crucial For India’s Energy Security, Myanmar-Bangladesh-India Gas Pipeline Project (Source: Irrawady News)

Nevertheless, it is crucial to highlight how India and its now client state,Bangladesh, are cripplingRohingyas further through conspiracies and media campaigns. In late October 2012, India‘s R&AW (Research and Wing Analysis) and Bangladesh‘s DGFI (Directorate General of Forces Intelligence) engineered attacks on Buddhistsin Southern Bangladesh. Rohingyas were blatantly blamed. Subsequently, Bangladesh government, that partially responsible for the attacks, built many monastery and houses for Buddhists. By doing so, Bangladesh Awami League government gained two things: it achieved the supports of Buddhist minority and served the purpose of India.

This year on July 7, serial bomb blasts hit Bodh-Gaya, the holy place of Buddhists, in the Bihar state of India. And again, Rohingyas were, with no evidence and slightest logic, linked with the terror attack. Despite the investigation findings that revealed the involved criminals in the blasts (Click for Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4) and mounting evidences against the false Rohingyas’ Linkage claims (Bodhgaya Bomb Blasts : Moving Beyond The ‘Usual Suspects’), India media still blatantly stick to link Rohingyas to the attack and various other conspiracies. (Click for Report 1, Report 2, Report 3) It actually could turn to be a so and so dirty tactic of Indian Politicians to win votes as the election is looming around.

The tripartitie media campaign is meant to lead a global propaganda campaign to make internationally community perceive Rohingyas as terrorists. Some well-known Indian media like Times of India and Hindustan Times and their offshoot journalists cum proxies in other countries are making out grossly misleading propaganda pieces one after one. Many such articles begin with “Rohingya Terror Training Camps in Chittagong Hilltracts.” (Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4, Report 5) Once, Bangladesh Home Ministry refuted India Media reports are baseless and untrue. (Indian media report untrue) These Indian media want you to perceive a non-existent RSO as if actually existent (exactly like digitally generated billions of virtual US Dollars).

Bangladesh media, either, are not lagging behind in spreading false reports and in the tripartite (Myanmar-Bangladesh-India) media campaign against Rohingyas. Recently, Dhaka Tribune has published a completely fraudulent report saying that there was a clash took place between Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO) and Hlun Htein (Myanmar’s Security Force) at Bangladesh-Burma border on August 17, 2013. This report was rejected as false by Rakhine District Police Chief. Nevertheless, this false report by Dhaka Tribune was exeggerated and vastly circulated among Burmese extremist circles. This report has given one more opportunity to the (Buddhist) extremists in Myanmar to call for more government’s oppression and more violence against Rohingyas.

Earlier, Rakhine representatives, on July 8, 2013, proposed the government of Myanmar to provide a legal armed-force composed of purely Rakhine nationals to guard the Arakan border along Bangladesh. The government rejected the proposal. However, in the wake of the above-mentionted report by Dhaka Tribune, Rakhine extremists have got a chance to conspire against Rohingyas once again. Their armed-groups will fight with Myanmar’s military and blame RSO for that. They have a plan to carry out bomb blasts in Arakan and buck up the blames on the non-existent RSO. And then, Rakhines will demand the government a legal Rakhine armed-force necessary to achieve their political target.

In regard to this, the editor of Narinjara News Agency and BBC reporter, Khaing Mrat Kyaw, blacklisted by the government of Myanmar, made a sectret trip to Sittway (Akyab) on 7th August 2013. He lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He, holding Bangladeshi Border Pass, arrived at Maung Daw jetty around 10PM on 6th August 2013 and spent the night in Maung Daw. The next early morning, he set off for Sittway. His visit was to meet with Rakhine State Government and plot to achieve their (Rakhines’) demands and targets. And all these are likely going to be at the expense of the lives of innocent Rohingyas and in the wake of the India-Bangladesh-Myanmar media propaganda of the so-called terror trainings in Chittagong hill-tracts.

As expected, as the consequences of this triapartite media campaign, Rohingyas in Arakan have become victims again for nothing. Rohingyas are, on daily basis, facing raids, loots, totures, travel restrictions etc in the hands of the newly brought and reinforced military and security forces in Maung Daw. Most probably, they will face another round of violence in the coming days.

M.S. Anwar is a student and activist. He can be reached at

This analysis is the author’s own opinion. This does not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of RvisionTV.