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Compilation of Reports: Atrocties Against Rohingyas in Arakan Escalate Part-4

By Aung Aung | November 19, 2013

Buthidaung Township, Arakan State

Report #1

Rohingyas in Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships are boycotted and hence, cannot buy firewoods for cooking. Therefore, they used to collect woods at Mayu Mountain. And Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) government banned Rohingyas from collecting woods at the mountain. Rohingyas are now in a severe crisis.


Report #2

Starved and persecuted Rohingyas in Kyauktaw township are trying to move to Buthidaung and Maungdaw to save their lives. But most of them are arrested and imprisoned by the cruel Rakhine police.


Report #3

U Maung Chan Thar, Ward Administrator of Nyaung Chaung, Buthidaung Township, in collaboration with Buthidaung Police and Security Force have been torturing and extorting money from Rohingyas for months now. They keep innocent Rohingyas under hot sun for whole day by tying their hands and legs together and put a stick in between tied legs and hands to prevent them from moving. If the victim they move, they kick and punch them (victims). In the picture below, typical torture of innocent Rohingyas with hands and legs tied up:

This is how Rohingyas are tortured everyday.
This is how Rohingyas are tortured everyday.


Report #4

9- On 18th November 2013, Captain Kyaw Kyaw Tun of Battalion 263 (in Buthidaung Township) saw a 25-year-old Rohingya boy, Amir Hashim, talking to a 20-year-old Rohingya girl, Betani, in front of her (the girl’s) house. And the captain accused them of getting married without permission and took them to their camp. He tied up their hands and legs together and kept them under the hot sun until their respectively famililies got them released by paying Kyat 150,000.

Nowadays, Rohingyas have to apply for marriage permission to the village administrators. Most of the village administrators in Maungdaw and Buthidaung are Rakhines who charge Kyat 30,000 to issue permission on top of causing harrasments to Rohingyas.


Report #5

10- On 18th November 2013, another Rohingya boy was listening songs using MP3 device under a tree in the quarter of Nyaung Chaung. Rakhine police arrested and penalised him Kyat 50,000 for listening songs.


Report #6

On 17th November 2013, two Rohingya brothers (one’s name is Toyub) were arguing with each other at their home in the quarter of Nyaung-Chaung. Two military passing by the house heard the voice of their arguments. They arrested the two brothers and kept under the hot sun until the sunset. The military forced their Family to give Kyat 120,000 for their releases.


Report #7: Nget-Chaung IDP Camps, Pauktaw Township

Internally Displaced Rohingyas (IDP) at the camps of Nget-Chaung, Pauktaw Township, have facing starvation for days. They didn’t receive any aids from WFP this month. When they were in the camps of Sin-Htet-Maw (Sandama), they used to recieve rations from WFP. Now, WFP doesn’t easy access to the camps of Nget-Chaung.

Many Rohingya IDP at the camps of Sin-Htet-Maw were forcibly shifted to the Nget-Chaung Camps by Military and Security Forces between 6th November 2013 to 8th November 2013.

While in Sittwe Rohingya IDP camps, many Rohingya are under serious health condition as there are no medical aids provied after the facist protests by Rakhine extremists.


Maungdaw Township, Arakan State

Report #8

On 18th November 2013, 15 Rohingyas got injured in a car accident took place nearby the village of Nwa-Yun-Taung, northern Maungdaw. They were on their way back from Bawli Bazaar (Kyein Chaung) to their village after they buying vegetables. Of 15, five were serious injured. No treatments for them in the government hospital.


Report #9

On 18th November 2013, Rakhine authority and their human trafficking partners gathered around 200 Rohingyas including women and children from the villages of Baggona, Pantawpyin (Lol Boinna) and Padin (Kunkara Fara) and asked them to leave Myanmar if they want to survive. Now, Rakhine authority allows to leave the country free of charge. Rohingyas are leaving because they are persecuted, systematically rendered jobless and finding no way to their livelihoods.


Report #10

Thousands of Rohingyas in Maungdaw are suffering from Jaundice B Virus. And there are medical aids for them.


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