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Change in UNHCR & Ration Cards Forced Rohingya Towards Starvation

By Rohingya Vision TV Corespondents | 9th November 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Following a Change in UNHCR and WFP rations cards, Rohingya refugees in the registered camp, have stopped accepting rations since 1st November 2018, at Naya Fara Camp of Cox’s Bazar, reports a victimized Rohingya.

Rohingya refugees who have been registered under UNHCR since 1991-2, but, now their identification status are being changed towards non-existence identification (earlier written Rohingya Refugee now changed), so, they are now on hunger strike as well as have confirmed that they will not receive rations from International Aid Agencies until their earlier status are reinstated.

Old Rohingya Registration book for Refugees. Image: RVISION TV

Since then they were being given three options by UNHCR:

  1. To return back to Arakan State, Burma.
  2. To settle in sheltering country (where they are already living).
  3. To Resettle to other countries.

Rohingya refugees have nearly spent 28 years in camps without solid fulfillment of their deserved requirements, so, now they are appealing strongly to all International Humanitarian Agencies such as UNHCR, WFP, OIC and UN, so on so forth, to return back to ancestral land, Arakan State (Burma) with their all fundamental rights and indigenous native status.

Below are their demands in prior to repatriation:

  1. To accept them as an Indigenous citizenship of Burma.
  2. To provide them International Protection in order to secure their lives and properties.
  3. To return back to their confiscated land.
  4. To ensure their freedom of movement inside, Burma, as other fellow citizen of Burma.
  5.  To reinstate their old Indigenous citizenship cards identifying them as Rohingya.

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Rohingya from registered camp are appealing to UNHCR to register the newly arrived Rohingya as they are either their family members or relatives. While replying to their appeal, UNHCR said that they are not refugees like the old ones.

UNHCR, firstly, started revoking refugee status from Rohingya and has now removed their ethnicity identification from their old refugee cards as well. Besides, WFP has also decided to change their rations cards name into assisted cards, so, all the Rohingya camps leaders have decided to stop receiving the rations until all their deserved demands are fulfilled. 

This has affected their children’s education as well and are now unable to attend classes in Schools because of hunger and thirst. Up till, no responsible and official authorities have inspected the problems and they are not being seen in any action to resolve the crises.

[Ration cards and UNHCR cards given to Rohingya refugees. Image: RVSION TV]

Recently, they held a meeting with WFP officials where WFP rejected Rohingyas’ deserved demands. While Rohingya kept demanding their data to be same as the earlier, not to change food cards as well as UNHCR cards with new barcodes.

The 28 years old refugees are still demanding justice and said they don’t want to live as refugees anymore – they want to go back to Arakan (Rakhine State) along with Indigenous Status. Moreover, they have decided not to attend any job with UNHCR and Humanitarian Organisations as a volunteer till their demands are fulfilled.

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