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Ceremony Held in Kuala Lumpur to Honor Rohingya MP U Shwe Maung

Ceremony Held in Kuala Lumpur to Honor Rohingya MP U Shwe Maung
April 26
06:04 2015

Kuala Lumpur (Rohingya Vision) — On April 25, Rohingyas in Kuala Lumpur Area held a mass gathering in order to honor MP U Shwe Maung, House of Representatives (Pyithu Hluttaw), arrived in Malaysia to attend the ASEAN People’s Forum (APF) Meetings. U Shwe Maung attended the ceremony along with other guests accompanied him in Malaysia.

In the ceremony, he talked on what the MPs from ASEAN region discussed of ASEAN Parliament for Human Rights (APHR) session on April 22. How the positive decision taken for the people centered ASEAN community and against the human violations in the region will be submitted to the ongoing ASEAN Summit.

Further topics he discussed on are as follows:

–              Instead of trying to create Unity among Rohingya Worldwide which may end up in arguments, we need to create unity based in each country first, wherever Rohingya live. After creating in each country first, there should be a coordinator in each country and they can collaborate with one another to form worldwide unity.

–              Rohingyas are indegenous people of Arakan. It is their land. Hence, they need not apply for new citizenship.

Rohingyas can’t abandon their identity or name and at the same time, need to have equal rights to others. We need to fight to have equal rights same to the other ethnic people so that we can live peacefully and in harmony.

–              He explained the role of a MP and two roles he performs for Rohingya people: a role as a leading politician as MP and another as a follower of the people.

As MP, he is the legal representatives and voice of the people who carries forward voice of the people to the government. Therefore, he is the shadow of the people. He carries the voice of the people but he is not the government. So, the decision of the matter depends on the government and administrations.

–              Having different parties and people of different opinion is not weakness of the Rohingya. If it were a weakness, Rohingyas would not be able to survive. The problem arises due to the lack of proper system of cooperation and coordination among people. Therefore, the people should work hard more on knowing their responsibilities and roles; and learn more on coordination with the coordinators of each country or location based Unity among the Rohingya people.U-Shwe-Maung2

–              The Rohingya should be holding the citizenship card according to the law of Myanmar because their parents and fore-parents of national registration cards, not the Temporary Registration Cards known as White Cards. If not only Rohingyas but also other ethnicities are screened under the acts of 1982 citizenship law which requires the people to show their existence prior to 1823, hardly will any people in Myanmar will entitled for citizenship.

Even those who are holding White Cards can’t be called foreigners.

Currently, they are fighting on two issues: the rights of registering political parties and the suffrage of the Rohingya people. As of now, the government’s plan is to recognize a few Rohingyas as citizens and brand the majority as illegal Bengalis under 1982 Citizenship Law and hence, to make hold a kind of foreigner registration card.

  • Besides, the topics on Rohingyas’ Education at home and abroad and the ongoing crises in Arakan state were also discussed.

The ceremony began at 2:00PM and successfully ended at 5:00PM. Around 200 people attended the event to listen to the honorable MP’s speech.

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