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Census soon to figure out Rohingya population in BD

Census soon to figure out Rohingya population in BD
August 11
12:21 2015

The government has decided to conduct a census on Rohingya population in Bangladesh to determine their exact figure and resolve the long-pending issue in a systematic and transparent way stopping their further influx into Bangladesh.

Various figures are coming out in various ways on the number of Rohingya people in Bangladesh which is considered as a barrier to resolving the problem.

Foreign Secretary M Shahidul Haque discussed the issue with the diplomats of various countries in Bangladesh who have interest about it, said a diplomatic source.

International Organization for Migration (IOM) made a presentation at the meeting held at State guesthouse Padma yesterday afternoon.

The Foreign Secretary urged the international community not to put pressure on Bangladesh on Rohingya issue, and sought an effective role from them to resolve the issue soon. The Rohingya influx into Bangladesh is not new as the influx has long been going on. According to an unofficial estimate, there are now 3-5 lakh undocumented Rohingya people in Bangladesh.

Sources at the Planning Ministry said a project, involving Tk 21.75 crore, was endorsed in May this year to conduct the census with photographs and complete data on Rohingya people.

In January last, during her visit to Bangladesh, US Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration Anne C Richard said the international community needs to put more pressure on Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya issue saying it is Myanmar’s responsibility to take back its nationals.

“What can be done to change the current situation? I think it’s the international pressure, I think it’s pressure from governments like ours,” she told journalists.

Sharing her experience of visiting the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, she said the living condition is not ideal as they live in crowded camps but it is safe to live in camps when they have nothing for shelter.

“Our dream of course is that the Rohingyas are given a place in Burma Arakan (Rakhaine) State where they are able to live with their neighbours in a peaceful place,” Anne Richard said adding that she knows it is possible but still a dream which they share with all.

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