RVISION February 7, 2018

Analysis & opinion 7th February 2018 China & India have raised invalid interrogation at United Nation’s 5th Meeting of Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations – 2018 regular session, which started from 29 January and ended today (7 February). The session unfolded usually with review of the applications of the NGO’s from different parts of the world […]

RVISION January 24, 2018

Analysis & Opinion Burmese Government have staged drama in Rohingya repatriation deal signed with Bangladesh, which have been postponed and Burma blames Bangladesh hiding their self-interest. The gradual repatriations were supposed to begin Tuesday (23rd January) but Bangladesh officials announced a last-minute delay amid fears that the refugees may be forced to return. Bangladesh has […]

RVISION January 11, 2018

By Muhammed Noor A New Year has just dawned. Many will look at this coming annum with a sense of expectation and optimism. Each year is seen as an advance towards goals yet to be fulfilled. A measure of how far we have progressed and what new horizons are left to conquer. Yet, as one […]

ZYA November 13, 2017

Qutub Shah Buddhism turned violent. You must accept this as a fact if you listen to the preaching of Myanmar monks, Sitagu at the helm, not the teachings of Tripitaka. Violence that in any form is never tolerated by Buddhism seems to be its savior when you see millions of Burmese people acting violently against […]

RVISION October 25, 2017

Analysis and Opinions History of the language and description Rohingya an ethnic group from Arakan have been residing  long before the British colonial rule and have been practicing their own religion, culture, tradition and the most importantly their own Rohingya language. Rohingya Language have been there since their existence, but the usage of their written […]

ZYA October 9, 2017

Qutub Shah There are many Rohingya families in Myanmar that contain even dozens of members. It is not a choice, but a part of the ethnic cleansing plan. On the other hand the government use this sizableness to accuse this minority of backwardness, while the local media use it to defame them with high birth […]

RVISION October 4, 2017

Opinion By Abu Ahmed Farid Over the past four weeks, more than half a million ethnic Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee Arakan to escape the campaign of violence, killing and burning unleashed by the Burmese army against innocent women, elders and children, Thousands of Rohingya arrived in Bangladesh with miserable boats, under the […]

msa April 9, 2017

By M.S. Anwar | March 27, 2017 It is no longer unknown to the world how different Myanmar regimes, throughout its history, have subjected the Rohingya community to a systematic genocidal process for decades and why. The genocidal process going on for decades silently escalated to a different level when the Myanmar State sponsored violence […]

Ne Myo Win December 24, 2016

By Ne Myo Win | December 18, 2016 The International Crisis Group (ICG) released a report on the situation in northern Arakan State on December 15, 2016, what has been called a detailed assessment of the violent situation unfolding in northern Maungdaw and some parts of Rathedaung. The report is worth a reading but with […]

ZYA December 24, 2016

RVisionTV By Qutub Shah The local Rohingya have two choices where the better is bitter – either to welcome investigative delegations or to reject them – when they visits Northern Arakan to investigate the situation. If they welcome any delegation, the aftermath they have to face is quite disappointing until they risk losing life, and if […]