RVISION July 24, 2016

[ot-video][/ot-video]   Deprivation of health care: another tool of Genocide One of the strongest tool, Burma has adopted to carry out the genocide against Rohingya systematically by cutting off access to health care. Genocidal experts have presented evidence of Malnutrition, Infectious diseases and Rape victims, where they showed poor health care records of Rohingya particularly […]

RVISION May 24, 2016

[ot-video][/ot-video]   “Rule of Law” Established or Ignored by Suu Kyi? Rohingya is the world’s most persecuted indigenous ethnic minority of Burma, Genocidal experts has conformed ongoing genocide systematically through Massacre, restriction of movement, marriage, and religion, revoking of citizenship, land confiscation and displacement, money extortion, torture, sexual abuses and harassments, vandalizing sacred sites, forced […]

msa September 30, 2013

It is a wonderful documentary by PressTV Journalist Johnny Miller on Trafficking of Rohingya victims escaping the ethnic cleansing in Arakan and their tragedies. Feel the video without any prejudice!! You will certainly realize what they are going through.