ZYA June 18, 2018

By Qutub Shah Rohingya Vision Since the late 18th century, Arakan has been a region of intermittent violence against Arakanese Rohingya causing refugee flows occasionally. The major outflows were in 1784, 1942, 1978, 1991-92, 2012 and 2016-17, whereas estimated 10,000 Rohingya flee yearly, according to right groups. As many people focus on post-colonial history and […]

RVISION June 8, 2018

My own country has become a foreign land, my own people have become foreigners to me, and I became a wanderer of the universe. INTRODUCTION In this modern era, while citizens of the world are travelling freely, using digital passports and electronic visas, my forgotten people are wandering around the globe by boat and on foot. Their […]

ZYA May 19, 2018

ISCI REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Over 800,000 women, men and children have streamed into Bangladesh from Myanmar (formerly Burma) since October 2016, the vast majority since late August 2017 – a staggering exodus in both number and speed. Having climbed mountains, waded across rivers, clambered along slippery paths carrying their young, their elderly, their disabled relatives and […]

RVISION April 16, 2018

Analysis 16th April 2018 Burmese government have staged drama in Rohingya repatriation deal by executing it with a single family with illegal National verification card (NVC) from the border area between Bangladesh and Myanmar, where thousands of Rohingya are lingering without any aid and hope since late 2017. Rohingya’s in makeshift camps of Bangladesh have […]

RVISION November 27, 2017

Opinion & Analysis | 27th November 2017 By Arifa Myanmar and Bangladesh have signed an agreement on 23rd November 2017 in repatriating the Rohingyas who fled the ongoing state sponsored attacks on civilians since 25th August 2017. The invalid announcement of the agreement was soon criticized by International bodies and human right organizations that is […]

msa April 9, 2017

By M.S. Anwar | March 27, 2017 It is no longer unknown to the world how different Myanmar regimes, throughout its history, have subjected the Rohingya community to a systematic genocidal process for decades and why. The genocidal process going on for decades silently escalated to a different level when the Myanmar State sponsored violence […]

msa January 1, 2017

By Haikal Mansor, A Journey through Darkness Things that begin badly end worse!  PEOPLE WITHOUT IDs Rohingya welcomed the Year 2016 as people without IDs. Former President Thein Sein ordered to repeal of temporary identity cards, also known as ‘White Cards’ in February 2015. The last pieces of document Rohingya came to possess after decades […]

msa December 2, 2016

By M.S. Anwar | Opinion Editorial December 2, 2016 The Burmese government formed an inquiry commission ‘to investigate into the on-going crisis in Maungdaw’ on December 1, according to a statement released by the Myanmar President U Htin Kyaw. The formation of the inquiry commission came in the wake of the international pressures mounting on the […]

msa October 22, 2016

By M.S. Anwar Opinion Editorial October 16, 2016 23:03 Yes, you read it right! They have been the Burmese successive dictatorial regimes pushing the Rohingya minority to the edge of tolerance through decades-long inhumane persecutions. In fact, United Nations call them one of the world’s most persecuted people and many human rights organizations claim they […]

msa October 8, 2016

Hundreds of internally displaced Rohingyas in Rathedaung Township are facing severe shortage of food crisis, says an reliable source By RVision Correspondent RVision TV News Rathedaung – The World Food Program (WFP) cut off providing food rations to the Rohingyas at the internally displaced people (IDP) camps at ‘Attet Nanya’ village in post June 2016, […]