RVISION November 3, 2016

By Rohingya Mirror & Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw — Rohingya civilian casualties in different villages of Maungdaw and Buthidaung are on the rise since the military imposed lock-down in the regions on October 9, reliable sources report. 

Followings are some of the updates on the casualties of the Rohingyas and on the ongoing crisis.

08:00 AM: Around 100 Military started raiding Rohingya villages, Nagpura (Ngakura) village and Hasar Bil (AukPhyuma), in northern Maungdaw, where the military are carrying out tortures and abuses against Rohingya civilians. Up until now, 2 people have been arrested.
They are identified to be ‘Liakut, age 47, and Hf Kulumiya, age 48’ from Nagpura and Mohammed Rashid (s/o) Zamir Hussein from Hasar Bil.

01:00 PM: Two Rohingyas including a women died due to military restriction of movement and access to immediate healthcare at ‘Ward 9 of Nga Ran Chaung village track, Taungbazar, northern Buthidaung Township.
One of the victims is identified to be Abu Ahmed (s/o) Abdul Aziz and the other woman is still unidentified.

11:30 PM: The Burmese military once again started raiding the village of Longdong, Maungdaw, where the army carrying out tortures and abuses.

12:00 Noon: The Burmese army from battalion 552 and a new regiment brought at ‘the former camp of the BGP Commandment Area 9’ at TaungBazaar conducted raid on every Rohingya resident in ‘YinMa Chaung Taung (Raimma Fara)’ village on pretext of ‘Cleansing the Region’ on November 1 night.
And they seized away all the Rohingya household tools such as ‘hammers, axes, saws and mobile phones.’


U Maung Lone, Rakhine administrator of NgaRanChaung village (in Buthidaung), demands at least Kyat 10,000 per Rohingya villager if they want to be protected from the Burmese army’s brutalities.
If rich, it’s Kyat 50,000 per head. Similar cases are happening in a few other villages in northern Maungdaw, too.

2:30 PM: The Border Guard Police arrested a Rohingya firewood collector, Harun Rashid (s/o) Basa Meah, 40, at Thawan Chaung village in Maungdaw on October and subsequently labeled him as a militant.
He’s mentally abnormal and also a father of four children who depend on him. He’s been kept incommunicado since then.

3:00 PM: Three Rohingya elders, two from Quarter 1 and one from Quarter 5 in Maungdaw, arrested by the Police on October 24 were released on November 1.

Note: Time code used in the report is the local time in Myanmar at which our correspondents make the reports. 

[Compiled by M.S. Anwar and Arifa]

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