Calls by Rakhine Extremists to Expel Rohingya Patients from Sittwe General Hospital

By June 17, 2015 01:30

Calls by Rakhine Extremists to Expel Rohingya Patients from Sittwe General Hospital

By Saeed Arakani

Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan State – Rakhine extremists and Buddhist monks have been continuously making illogical and inhumane demands to the authorities to expel Rohingya patients from Sittwe General Hospital, according to the reliable sources.

The Rakhine extremists and the Buddhist monks carried out state-wide protests last weekends and many Rakhhine extremists ran riot subsequently in many parts of Arakan state.

Therefore, around 4:00PM last Saturday, a police officer brought back two Rohingya patients from Sittwe General Hospital to ‘Thakkay Pyin’ clinic in IDP camps. The police officer said that he was unable to keep the patients because the Rakhine extremists were rioting in the downtown of Sittwe.

However, no more Rohingya patients were ousted from the hospital afterwards as the police was said to have received ‘Shoot-on-Sight Orders” to end the riots. Thus, the rioting has decreased and the two patients were transferred back to the Sittwe General Hospital.

The situation has calmed down significantly since then.

The Rakhine extremists held protests all over Arakan state holding posters and shouting illogical slogans of  “there is no Rohingya in Myanmar,” “Rakhine State is not a Trash Bin for *Kulars,”  “Expel Kular Patients from the hospital” and “Kulars must leaveRakhine state” etc.

The hateful and racist protests were carried out with the permission of the state-government. And each protester was said to have been given Kyat 3,000 by Rakhine political parties and businessmen.

*Kular= a derogatory term used against the people of Indian descends in Myanmar. Now, it has been notoriously used against the Muslims in the country.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By June 17, 2015 01:30

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