Shuaib September 17, 2016

By Ziaur Rahman

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

My Rohingya people are suffering around the world. Over two million have become stateless and refugees to other countries because of persecution in Myanmar, especially the conflict happened in 2012. My people have been forced to leave their country in record numbers who are in the condition of beggars for seeking safety in other countries to be able to save their future with well living in the hope of building up of their family life.

During the violence and attack on my people in Arakan State of Myanmar in 2012, thousands of Rohingya left the country while many of them were killed and most of the women were raped by human traffickers on the way to Malaysia, especially in Thai human trafficking camps. Most of the people were also arrested in Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Malaysia. A few have got release with the help of UNHCR. But, a few of them were able to go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Unfortunately, most of them were arrested in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whereas some are missing.

Still, their families are crying with dreams and hopes of getting good information. As the world people know, Myanmar government is still carrying on persecution on Arakanese Rohingya in the form of an ethnic cleansing. Besides, my people are also suffering in prisons in Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who have been sentenced to jail for one, two or three years for no crime other than seeking asylum. Actually, my people did not wish to leave their community and their country. Nevertheless, they only fled to other countries because of avoiding unbearable and inhumane persecutions of Myanmar government.

Even though Rohingya are indigenous in Myanmar, we are made stateless with increasingly daily persecution in our country. We are scattered all over the word but we do not involve in any criminal activities and are not trying to harm or degrade any community. I always grieve for my people. It is a shame for those countries where helpless people are neglected, hated and persecuted.

FOR MY ROHINGYA: I request the countries, where Rohingya take shelter, and the people all over the world  to raise the voice of solidarity which will hearten Rohingya in troublesome lives. It would be a huge support for that ill-fated community of the world who have been severely persecuted and become stateless. You will lose nothing by doing that but you will be rewarded by Allah for helping that missing community of the world.

Now I am appealing to the international community working for the rights of human beings to stand by my people and you are asked to share this news with other people around you.

My people are not playing things. They are human beings with the same blood and flesh like you but they have fallen in unspeakable situation experiencing unthinkable tragedy and hardship for which they are seeking helps to be safe everything including their families, their possessions.

We need to bring humanity and compassion back into the history of Myanmar, because this crisis is about people, not about borders and barriers. It’s about human dignity, not about deals.”

I would like to recommend to the world to speak out against this injustice and the silent genocide of my people in Arakan State, Myanmar.

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Edited By: M. Shuaib